Saturday, May 12, 2012

One day at a time

I downloaded David Kirchhoff's (CEO of Weight Watchers) book "Weight Loss Boss" and have had my nose attached to it for most of yesterday.

I can totally relate to what he says and you don't need to be following Weight Watchers to read this. If you've ever read his blog and liked what he said there you will definitely like the book. Now I'm only half way through at this point but it's given me some good reminders. The biggest one is treat weight loss as a priority. The reason this resonated with me is I haven't been doing that. You know how it goes - you get what you put in.

I'll write more when I'm finished the book. He's a data junky like me but it's written in a very engaging way and again it's not about Weight Watchers of course he mentions it as he does work there. He comes from a place of he's faced the same challenges in losing weight. The other part that resonated with me is it took him awhile which is the same for me.

I always get a little bugged when someone asks how long it's taken someone to lose weight. The reason it bugs we is 1) Everyone is different and everyone's circumstances are different, and 2) It's not just about losing but keeping it off and 3) it's dangerous territory to start comparing yourself to others. In my meeting when someone hits goal I'm more interested in what they've learned and to celebrate their success. Well that's my thing anyway.

I did track all of yesterday and breakfast is recorded for today so far. Later I'm attempting my green smoothie in the vitamix.

Today's priority is cleaning the house as I've let that slide. My house is definitely a reflection of my emotional state.

I also need to mow at least the front lawn with the new lawn mower I bought yesterday. My old mower barely made it through last year. The old one is a gas mower and every time I started it a big cloud of smoke would rumble out of it.

The new one is a cordless electric model made by Greenworks. I haven't used an electric mower in ages at that was with negotiating the cord out of your way. So I'm intrigued by this one and it got good reviews.

My fabulous neighbor helped me out yesterday. I'm not fond of driving so don't have a car. I had no idea if a lawn mower would fit in a cab. Canadian Tire was hopping yesterday and quite a few people were eyeing mowers. I also a lot of people buying flowers. There's a rule of thumb in these parts - plant nothing until after the May long weekend as we usually get a killing frost between now and then. I don't like planting anything until June just to play it safe.

Hope your enjoying your weekend.


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