Sunday, May 20, 2012

Run away train

Oy vey, I did weigh myself this morning in my pajamas and I thought ok I'll see no change. Well when I stepped on the scale at the meeting it was a different story - up 1.2. I was shocked.

That shock was a good thing as it rattled some cobwebs out of my brain.

I've been delusional, complacent and lazy lately. Sort of tracking but not giving it my all.

My operation enough was replaced by Operation Whatever. Why- I'm not entirely sure. I could be more wigged out about turning 40 then I realize. The 1.2 could be TOM related but still my weight is heading in the wrong direction and the only thing responsible for that is me.

So today I tracked everything and I do realize I have an issue with after dinner snacking. Water has been food with 9 cups. Activity was 40min walk.

Tomorrow I run and that has also been ignored for the past few weeks.


I got home and started watching The Weight of the Nation on HBO. It's a 4 part documentary on the obesity epidemic in the US. The statistics are staggering but the message was hopeful in part 2 which focused on what people can do about it. A series of small changes can create dramatic results. There were two women who've been successful and the key was small achievable goals. It's a really interesting doc with leading experts in obesity.

A light bulb went off when i heard the 2 ladies. They talked about mastering one thing at a time. For example they started with tracking, then added water and so on.

Taking on a lot is always a downfall for me particularly with weight loss. Track a whack of things and things slide. Create a complicated plan and it all falls apart. This is probably why I'm terrible at challenges. I have great enthusiasm at the start & then I fall apart.

What made me successful at the start of WW was taking things in stride and keeping it simple. Back then you didn't start tracking activity till week 4 because the purpose was supposed to get you used to tracking.

This week I have one goal which is to track and stick to my points. That doesn't mean everything else slides it just means I need to get back into the basics and that starts with tracking. I drink water out of habit and exercise will still be a part of the week as well as that's a bit of a habit but I'm also conscious of Fitbloggin in September and Disney Wine and Dine half in November.

I know what to do. Heck I can talk the talk. I now must walk the walk one step at a time. I want to post successes!

I also need to blog more often. That definitely helps the accountability. No more head in the sand.

I know WW works when you follow it, my issue lately is so so following it and getting so so results.

I will do this. I know I can do this if I put in the work.

Well I hope you enjoyed your Saturday.


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deanna said...

Refocus! You can do it. One step at a time. Love it.