Saturday, May 26, 2012

A funny thing happens

When you follow the plan. I tracked all 7 days last week and someways were not exactly on plan like the fries/pie and nanaimo bar incident but I tracked it.

The WW scale showed a 4.4lb loss. As I stood there it briefly showed 179 before landing on 180.8. I did have the momentary thought that I had not has the incidents mentioned above would I have seen myself back in the 170s?

When I do look at my whole week it wasn't so bad point wise. I get 231 points per week. That's 26 per day and the 49 weekly points. I was over by 8 points last week.

Hey 4.4 is nothing to sneeze at and it inspires we to keep it up. I'm determined to get back into the 170s next week.

Tracking continues today and so far 6 cups of water and a 40min walk. I did intend to do house work when I got home but I sucked into a marathon of The Lying Game. I'm new to this show but it sucked me in on abc spark.

My mind is going more and more to Vegas but the funny/strange part is I want to stay on plan. Normally Vegas would be an excuse to go a little crazy and my crazy would be on the food side not the drinking side. The bonus is the very good friend I'm going with is vegetarian. Now it's also very possible to eat not so healthy as a vegetarian - hello mac'n cheese but the other plus is P is fitness conscious.

We're staying at Aria and they have a cool pass you can buy to access extra spa facilities. Their gym looks pretty darn funky as well.

The thing I want to buy the most when I'm there is a Nike Fuel Band. I think my Garmin FR60 is dead. On Tuesday when I turned it on it gave me a very funky error. I did email they're help people so we'll see.

So now I keep my eye on the prize and just keep tracking, moving and drinking water.

Hope you all had a fantastic Saturday.


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Enz said...

Great work!!! WW big slogan used to be " the plan works if you work the plan". I guess they're right :)

You can actually buy a fuel band in Vegas?