Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I do love halloween, especially the wee little kids who are new to the whole thing. They're so in awe of the bowl of candy and the mom/dad trying to get them to say "trick or treat" totally priceless. I really enjoyed all the dressed up dogs that were along for the ride. There was one dressed like a fairy.

Best costume of the night is a tie between one girl dressed like rubik's cube and another dressed like a spider (down to the multiple google eyes on the hat). Both looked home made so top prize for sure.

Went grocery shopping this morning and only bought what could go in the freezer or what would be consumed this weekend as I'll be leaving at 4:30am on Monday and not back until Tuesday dinner. This will be my schedule until mid December and will resume again the beginning of January. I need to train myself to now grocery shop on Wednesdays. I picked up an extra bag of candy as I had no clue how many kids would be coming (a Saturday plus nice weather). It's now close to 9pm and no sign of a kid for the last 20min. So far I've had 28 trick and treaters. I'm surprised I'd thought there would be more.

I succombed to the candy bowl and have had 23pts worth this evening, thank goodness for flexpoints. This was a conscious act and I put every wrapper smack on the coffee table so I could track it. I tracked every damn point into my WW online tracker as it's all about being accountable. Now it goes into a grocery bag and it will come to work with me to feed all the boys. I tracked everything today so now I just repeat. I will use all my flex points this week as in the past that usually leads to better results for me.

I also read the weekly info on WW online, it's their version of the meeting. Doesn't matter how many times you hear it, it's good to hear it again. I wandered over to the section featuring weight watcher products and that saddens me a bit. The cakes, muffins, cookies are heavily processed. A friend had the muffin at work and I tried a bit. It was blechy. I've done the focusing on low point processed foods before. This round I want to focus on whole foods for the daily points, if things not so whole wind up on the list they will go under flexpoints i.e. the halloween chocolate.

I walked to the grocery store and back but as I said yesterday I'm going back to WW 101 and activity points don't come into the equation just yet. Now the focus is on tracking, water, fruit/vegg, milk, vitamins and oil.

I reset my weight on WW online as well. I usually always use the starting weight of when I first joined WW years ago. I decided to stop doing that. While happy that I've never returned to that weight, I've definitely flirted with it. I'm changing the tickertracker above to reflect that to. Plus I'm going back to tracking weight not pounds lost on that tracker.

Lynn and Angie - I will be posting my weigh ins. It's time to getter' done!

Saturday is my weigh in day and today I start at the beginning which was 196.8 this morning. Didn't make me happy seeing that number but I'll never see it again.

I had an odd food find in Walmart today the Organic Batter Blaster pictured above. It's true I read the indredients it's organic, it has wheat flour and 1pt per 1/4 cup serving (two pancakes). I was intrigued and when I went to the cashier she told me tried it and it was good. Her advice to make sure the pan is hot and to rinse the nozzle before putting back in the fridge. What I like about this is the single serving option as opposed to traditional pancake batter.

I'm going to try it for breakfast tomorrow morning so I'll give my review then.

Day one done, bring on day two.


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louiserun said...

On my blog, I post recipes and I may not always give the weight watchers points with the recipe but I have calculated them using the recipe builder. I have soups, muffins etc. My blog site is

The peanut butter chicken veg soup that I posted last week has 2 points per serving.

Never give up and don"t let one bad day give you the rationale for going off program for the week.