Friday, October 02, 2009

Day 25 - very snacky and a disclaimer

First of all let me say that when I said that I didn't remember making a goal to lose 30lbs by Christmas, I was "gently" reminded by my co-worker/ good friend T that I had agreed to go along with this plan, in fact I high fived her. So to my good friend T I say - Happy now? :)

Do you sometimes regret letting people know about your blog? Love ya T and you are fabulous!!!

So test review had gone well today but eyes are starting to glaze over. You can't really study as it's all case studies but you practice, practice, practice. I've gone over about 140 questions. I'm feeling good about tomorrow and so far I like this format way better than Test 1. Hopefully it loves me back. I did take my business card and write CHRP behind my name as a little motivator.

The day has been very snacky as I've had my nose in a book all day with the exception of a quick trip to Walmart first thing this morning. When I would surface I would snack. I had a strange fixation on Oreos, thankfully I have none in my house. I did walk to and from Walmart -roughly 3K.

I'm getting more excited about my trip but trying to stay focused on the test, once that's done I can be as excited as I want.

One question: All you Amazing Grass fans, I've ordered their stuff but want to know how to get the drink container. I've never seen it on their site.

That's all I got for today.

So if you have the time send me positive vibes at 9am mst time.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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Angie All The Way said...

I'm pretty sure that I did see the AG cup on the online shopping part. I "think".

I heart AG and am totally hooked! (I hope you got the 15% discount a la 'angie'! :-)