Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Still breathing

I'm sorry I haven't been around much it's just been me focusing on getting well. While the majority of flu symptoms are gone, the cough is driving me bananas. I'm fine if I avoid milk and don't talk to anyone. The not talking to people thing doesn't really work at work.

I'm coughing less but I want it to go away forever. It's quite frustrating when someone tells you that you still look sick and when you go to say "no, no I'm fine" you errupt into coughing. My credibility is totally shot I tell you.

My weight loss efforts are on the sidelines which is also frustrating. I have this Friday off which is fantastic so I can get myself organized. I've been living out of my pantry as I haven't gone grocery shopping yet. I'm saving all that for this weekend as I want to break out the slow cooker and make some meals ahead of time. I've been flipping through "Fix It and Forget It Lightly" and picking out some recipes. I want to focus on flavourful as I notice if that is satisfied I can easily eat less. When it's blah I go hunting for something else.

On Tuesday my group is going team building, we're going paint balling. I'm not crazy about this idea as I think there's something wrong with combining team building and weapons but I'll go. I suggested bowling, civilized and the ability to have a conversation as many of the people who are coming are coming from all over Canada. I think this will go one of two ways - a) I get wiped out immediately and b) I discover my inner rambo and go into sniper mode. I'll report back on which happens.

Today I was typing to a colleague at site as I'm returning to that schedule shortly and she says to me - You should be here Wednesday nights and then you can go to TOPS with us. Yes, site has weight loss program, which I think is great but I'll never be there Wednesday nights. Plus I'm quite happy with WW, I was more disturbed by the suggestion. I would not describe us as friends.

Alright my peeps, that's all I got for today.


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The Glitterati said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend! Mom always fed me lots of hot water w/ ginger, lemon, and honey when I had bad coughs. Not sure if it helped the cough, but it felt and tasted nice! :)

Speaking of tasting nice, have I ever talked about PC's Memories of Kashmir Spicy Tandoori sauce?

It's ah-may-zing. I normally use it on roast chicken, but last night I made a sort of curry with it. Browned some garlic & onion, add cut up chicken, add cut up cauliflower, then added maybe 1/3 cup of sauce (or to taste - I was pretty much just throwing stuff in the pan and adjusting as I went).

Thin it with a bit of chicken broth, bring to boil then lower to simmer for about 30-45 mins and voila! The sauce is not too hot-spicy, but it's got a really deep vibrant flavour. The chicken stays moist and the cauliflower is tender-crisp. The leftovers were even better today for lunch!

(This was originally inteneded as a crock pot recipe, but I was running late yesterday morning, so ended up making it on the stovetop)

Sheesh, what a huge comment. But do share if you find a good crock pot recipe... the idea of having dinner ready and making the whole house smell good as I walk through the door is so alluring!