Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Out for the count

I woke up not feeling all that great, sniffly, coughing, sore throat but I thought I could make the effort to get myself together and go to work.

I headed out into a pretty steady onslaught of wet snow. I waited for the bus, I waited for almost 40min. I was now soaked, cold and feeling even more blecchy and no evidence that a bus was coming. So I dragged myself home and called in sick. Changed out of wet clothes into pajamas and slept for a solid 3 hours.

Watched the local news tonight and there were 200 fender benders during the morning rush hour. Accounts for the missing bus and this is so typical for Calgary's first snow. It happens every year. I call it winter dress rehearsal, remembering how to drive on slick streets, finding your mitts, toque and the appropriate jacket.

I slept a couple of more times throughout the day and that definitely helped. I'm feeling better now just a cough that won't die (which is typical for me but nothing that magnesium won't fix), I definitely needed the extra day of rest. I'm sure it was combination of things, working like crazy then a whack of plane flights.

What sort of sucks is I had this grand plan to get back on the treadmill now that I'm back and get super focused. Hard to be super focused when any attempt at activity (I did shovel the snow this afternoon when I was feeling a bit better and it knocked the wind out of me) is a chore. I think that getting sick is a little signal from your body to take a minute and rest.

I'm going to bed early so I'll be good to go for tomorrow. I've missed my work peeps as I haven't seen them for a week and half.

I'm super gung ho to get going again on the learn to run. I took the book Running for Mortals with me on my trip and both the hotels in Montreal and Halifax had running maps available for the area. I didn't pack any workout clothes not realising that all the gyms in these hotels were included in the price. Knowing about the maps now let's me know there is a super easy way to incorporate a workout when travelling. There was a scale in my Montreal hotel bathroom which I've never seen before.

I have not stepped on a scale since my return as I all I want to do know is focus on feeling better and get back to normal.

That's all I got for today...hugs!!!


Anonymous said...

Magnesium for coughs? Can you give me more information? I googled but couldn't find anything.

.::. Jennifer .::. said...

Hope you feel better soon!