Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Friday

Since I requested tomorrow off today feels like Friday for me. I'm trying to make sure I have everything wrapped up for my co-workers to cover for me.

I wrote a rough copy of the paper that's due on Friday so that I could walk away for a day and go back and edit. It's due by 10pm on Friday, what kind of due date is that?

I figured out I could make a weigh in on Saturday so I didn't go this morning. Staying on plan has been so hard this week and I think mainly due to a crazy schedule and the weird hot/cold weather we're having. I'm looking forward to a clearer schedule next week to truly focus on workouts. The dreaded word snow has been mentioned in forecasts but no two forecasts are the same so fingers are crossed that it doesn't happen.

For those who've been asking the PVR is going to cost me $344 but that's it I don't have to pay any subscription fee for it. I do have to pay for the cable. However, that's still cheaper than buying the PVR from any of the electronic stores. For the first month Shaw will give me all the channels on digital so I can try them out. I'm fairly certain I'll stay with the basic service but who knows what will happen. I'm seriously looking forward to seeing a clear ABC, since a local channel was launched it interrupts the picture and sound so you get a blend of the two channels.

Alright I shall most likely be MIA for the next few days as my Dad's in town, I hope everyone has a great Friday!

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