Monday, September 17, 2007

Day by Day

Well I did see a gain at weigh in on Saturday, 2lbs which when I think about it isn't so bad. I definitely had renewed enthusiasm afterwards, however that didn't help me with my Saturday. I spent the day with a friend who's going through a divorces. She, her daughter and I went for lunch to just chill. Here was the conundrum I picked McDonald's because it was my treat but I wanted to keep my cost low due to coming back from Vegas. Sure I could have chosen healthier options but instead I got what my friend was having. The day kind of went downhill from there but I didn't wallow.

On Sunday I mapped out my day and got in a 5km brisk walk. Today was also mapped out and I'm totally OP so far.

I need to pick up some gym shoes on the way home so tonight's workout will be yoga. Tomorrow it's dance class...I'm so excited about this. Wednesday will be the gym but I'm not sure when. I don't get there in time for the 5:15 classes but there are other classes at 6:30. I just need to get a game plan together.

Apart from that kind of a crappy day at work however I did not console myself with food...that's a total victory.

So this evening as I yoga I will focus on the positivity in my life and remember that all challenges can be over come.


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