Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I did it

So this morning I hopped onto shaw's website and ordered digital cable and a pvr. They're coming on Saturday between 1-3pm to install it...yikes I had no idea it would go that fast. They originally said Thursday but I'm busy. I guess all those commericials with the mimes are true, they value people.

I'm excited! How sad is that? Now I need to vacuum behind the tv.

The cupcakes look really good too. I made them last night. The cake part is dark chocolate with a wee bit of espresso flavour and the icing is mascarpone cheese, whip cream, starbucks coffee cream liquor and icing sugar. Now the trick is to get them to work in one piece tomorrow.

Hip hop is tonight and I'm so hoping I'm slightly more coordinated than last time. At least this time I know what to expect.
Alright not a ton to say today but I hope everyone had a great day!


The Glitterati said...

Hurray for TiFaux! After watching the season premier of Heroes and that new Journeyman show yesterday, I'm thinking I might need one myself! :)

Ack, I managed to avoid buying anything delicious and creamy at the Portuguese bakery just now, and your description of the cupcakes makes me want to go running back there! We must make them one time when I am in town...

Good luck w/ hippin' and hoppin'!

Randi said...

yay for no longer being a slave to tv schedules! I wish! Just curious, how much did it all cost you?