Saturday, September 01, 2007

Where does time go?

I can't believe it's already Saturday and I'm back to work on Tuesday and then off to Vegas on Friday. It just seems like other day when Vegas seemed weeks away. Craziness I tell you.

Well the window frames are painted, there's two spots that need a second coat but I'm hoping to get that done this weekend, I also need to paint the railing yet.

Eating was alright over the week, I was .6 down today which I'll take. I didn't do any formal exercise but climbing up and down ladders sure does something.

I need to weigh in on Thursday this week because I won't be here for my normal Saturday meeting. Typically I treat Saturday as well...treat day, but not today. I have 6 days until that weigh in and I'm focusing on being OP all the way through. I've also decided that Vegas will not be free for all food wise. Sure I'll have the occasional treat but I'm not going to go hog wild, it's just not worth it. I'll follow the rules of the buffet - half your plate veggies, 1/4 starch, 1/4 protein. I will not be a walking garbage disposal by inhaling the dessert table. Activity is pretty easy in Vegas as we'll be pretty much walking everywhere. Hey it's still 7 days until then so I'm also focusing on exercise while I'm still at home so that when I come back I can just swing back into my schedule and then it's game on for the rest of the year.

I was looking at weigh in book at the meeting today and it looks like I've been on one major plateau, I know I'm responsible for that plateau by half following the plan. The topic today was we have all the tools to be successful on this journey.

If you follow WW, how oftern do you go back and read the material. I know I do it very rarely, I'm going to be sitting down with those pamphlets this weekend. I forget that there are so many good recipes in there and success stories, not to mention the tools to get you to goal.

Over the course of trying to lose weight I've become a weight loss collector - I have loads of books and loads of dvds. I came to the conclusion that I don't need to join a gym this winter, I've got a ton of resources in my own house. When the weather is too bad to go inside I'll be heading to the basement to do a dvd.

I have enough weigh in coupons to get to December and gosh darn it there will be significant difference in the weight that's in my weigh in book today and by end of this year.

The waffling ceases and drive kicks in. I don't want to keep paying WW every week just to play around with the same 5lbs, there are frivolous things on my goal list I want, not to mention I want that damn key and star on my WW key chain. I don't want to blog about my wishy washy motivation to do this, I want to inspire like so many of you have inspired me. I want everyone to know they can do this.

No more excuses!


Anonymous said...

Cowgirl, im just starting out on my weight loss you have any tips? Ive started doing 8km walks every day but am HOPLESS with the diet side of things..
by the way, what is your goal weight? and what is your weight now? i need some inspiration!

Living to Feel Good said...

You'll get your key!! My key fell off my keychain. I was SO bummed. Do you know why you are on a plateu? Have you tried switching your foods up, or switch from pts to core, or core to pts? Even if it's for one week? Hang in there!!

Have fun in Vegas. I really miss it. I'm only 3 hours away, but I am dying to go!!

jodi said...

congrats on your loss this week... i can relate to the plateauing too - seems like i've been at the same weight - up/down a few pounds all summer but i'm okay with that... its better than a huge gain that puts me heavier than when i started... i'm looking forward to fall, getting outside to jog again, and taking a kick-boxing class - doing new things helps me get back on track... :o)

have a great time in vegas... :o)

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Jodi- I so agree, I'm also looking forward to fall as that is my preferred workout weather for going outside for sure.
Sarah-You can get a new key if you go to meetings, it happened to a friend of mine and they gave her a new one. Great minds think a like, I'm in the process of switching up my foods and really paying attention to the 8 guidelines.
Kavita - My stats are on the ticker tracker right at the top of my blog. I've lost just under 30 and have 35 to go until goal.

Anonymous said...

wow...thats amazing, congrats!!! i need to lose around 30 pounds so i am definitely inspired by you...
best of luck with it!

Ann said...

Sounds like you are on the right track.
In our WW meetings we talk about No More Excuses all the time.
I have been Lifetime for about 2 months. But I still go to meetings every week and weigh-in to keep myself motivated and accountable.

CaRoLyN said...

Good for you for finding your motivation again. You will do great and the plateau will be long lost.
Also kudos to you for making a plan for Vegas! It's so easy to just go crazy food wise while you're on vacation!
We can do this! We can get that last few lbs off! I know we can!