Thursday, September 06, 2007

Vegas Tomorrow Baby!

I'm so running out of time, I made my pack list yesterday which speeds up the whole process but this morning it hit me of all the things I need to sort out before going. As I'm coming back in the evening on Monday and back to work on Tuesday I'm also sorting that out.

My plan is to weigh in at 6:30pm tonight but I'm wondering if that can happen. I'll do my best I just want get some sleep before getting up at 3am. The primary thing that must be completed is packing, I'd also like clean work clothes for next week so probably laundry. I always get like this before a trip, everything must be in German order.

A and I upgraded to first class for a wee bit of an extra fee, heck why not and it will be lovely.

There's a plan hatched to see Thunder from Downunder as well. I still don't think we have any chance of getting into any of these clubs especially with LAX being pitched as ultra exclusive, I don't really care. There's plenty of fun to be had without being surrounded by Paris Hilton lookalikes and not being able to hear oneself think.

I did join Spa Lady yesterday for 1 year. I asked for opinions on the WW board and it wasn't great for Spa Lady which I knew. The main issues are their trainers are questionable and they like to make you sign 3 year deals. However my purpose was to have access to gym equipment and a treadmill, I'm not looking for a personal trainer. There were no extra fees and no gimics and I'll pay special attention to the timing to quit or inquire about continuing when the year is up. I paid for the full year so for what averages at about $16.75 per month is still one heck of a deal as drop in rates for a day can be $10 at other gyms.

I also tried to sign up for the adult hip hop class at the dance studio but it was full, so I put my name on the waiting list and they said if there are enough people then a second class might be added so there's hope.

My co-worker got her lifetime today, I so want that key and it will happen.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and there will be Vegas stories for you next week.


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