Monday, September 24, 2007

Crazing morning and week 1 results

I was down .6 on Saturday which was nice after a few weeks of gains. This week is a little crazy scheduling wise I need to make cupcakes for Wednesday and my Dad is coming in on Thursday night. So tonight I need to bake the cupcakes, tomorrow I need to frost so I can lug them into work. I'm making a tiramasu cupcake, the tiramisu part comes into the frosting. I also need to clean my house at some point as that didn't happen this weekend. I'm not sure when I'll get to the gym this week but if that can't happen then workouts at home will happen. I do have the second class of hip hop on Tuesday. I'm going to weigh in Thurday bright and early as I don't think I can make my regular meeting. On top of all that I have a paper due on Friday that I'd really like to have done by Thursday. I haven't had such a busy week in a long time.

To top it off this morning I forgot to turn on my alarm, woke up at the time I normally leave for the bus stop. I got ready in 6 minutes. I have no moisturizer on my face, I'm surprised I put my clothes on the right way. So for the whole day I've felt a little out of sorts.

My vcr is going into overload trying to program all the new shows. I'm seriously considering flipping to digital and getting a dvr. Rumour has it Tivo is available in Canada but hard to find. Good old Shaw digital cable offers one so I might look in to that. The digital cable is only $2 bucks more than normal. The dvr costs $325, so that takes some thought.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Living to Feel Good said...

OMG You sooooo need a DVR!! I have 2. One is in the bedroom (And I call it mine), and one is in the lving room which I tell my husband it's his, but I have quite a few new shows taping on it, as I can't record anymore programs on mine. I watch way tooo much tv.

Your cupcakes sooo yummy. I'm a sucker for them..wanna send one to me?! :P Just kidding.

Ava Adore said...

We got a DVR last Christmas and it's totally worth the money Shaw charges for it.

CaRoLyN said...

I don't have one either but would love to get one. I'm trying not to spend SO much time in front of the TV this winter but it's so hard when all the new shows are coming out!!

Bi0nicw0man said...

According to Shaw's website, the HDPVR is $700!! Do they have one that isn't HD?? You've got me curious now!

Cory said...

I would probably have a DVR if I could afford the digital service. :)
Good job on your loss this week. That's terrific!