Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Whirlwind of plans

I might be joining a gym tonight. More specifically Spa Lady, it's in my hood and they have a deal right now for one year at $199 and supposedly no hidden fees, no admin fees and no hassle...hmm we'll see. I was a member there before a long time ago at the beginning of this weightloss journey. I stopped going mainly because I had no motivation, I didn't see any significant changes and was disappointed with the whole experience.

Well, I know a heck of a lot more now than I knew then so I'm willing to try it for a year so I can access some weights and cardio especially through winter. I'm just going for a chat today and see.

I joined the biggest loser club on nbc last night and then quit today. I think I joined with the euphoria of a new season but today when I saw the meal plans and how restricting the site was I realized "you moron, you have all the tools to do this without joining a website". The tools that WW give you are awesome and I pull from other sources as well. Heck I own enough information to train myself and the tools to stick with it as well. So thank the lords for a free 10 day trial. Besides if I want to report to a website there are plenty that are free.

I know my brain was looking for a quick fix or relief of boredom, yet I shouldn't be bored as I haven't really been on track this summer. I think I'm stubborn, I know I need to focus but a part of me is rebelling knowing that fun time is over in a sense. I feel renewed by letting all that go and focusing on a healthier me and knowing that results are not instant but all the work and sweat that go in will reap rewards down the road.

I should seriously start packing for Vegas as I've been told my pick up time for Friday is a 3:45am.

Alas I shall report in tomorrow on my findings at spa lady.

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CaRoLyN said...

VEGAS Tomorrow! YAY!
Good luck getting some sleep tonight!