Sunday, June 23, 2013

One week ago

My entire world changed when my father passed away.

He was my rock, the one I always looked up to, the one I went to when I had a problem, the one who's opinion mattered most to me.

This week I need to contact all the bills, banks and registrations. I want to have it 99% sorted before I go back to work on July 2nd. The only thing I want left is get the vehicles back to Calgary as that can happen anytime during the summer. My neighbours to the west like to park in front of my house instead of their driveway or in front of their house so I'd like to claim back my street space. I realize that's a little spiteful.

So Tuesday I head out and will be back on Saturday so I have few days to get sorted to start back at work on July 2 at the home office which probably won't open until mid week due to the flood waters downtown.

Oy vey this picture is as of yesterday, I will be working in the reddish brown tall building in the upper left of the picture next to the really big one. I've always thought we had one of the prettiest downtown cores compared to everywhere I've visited.

I don't even know if my boxes are there and I was thinking about going in on Canada Day (July 1) to unpack my desk. I'm not sure where my laptop is but I think my old boss has it. It blows my mind that two weeks ago this is what occupied my thoughts getting ready to be back working downtown. Right now downtown is still closed and I'm hoping by July 2 transit is running again.

I have to say I've never been more proud of my city. There have been no injuries, crime has been almost nill during this time, no mass looting, no mass price gouging. The entire city has come together and that's over 1 million people. There are multiple Facebook groups coordinating volunteers. I chose to give a donation to the Red Cross as to avoid chaos.

A huge amount of kudos needs to go our Mayor Naheed Nenshi, I didn't vote for him in the last election and I wish I had. I definitely will if he runs again. As you can tell from the quote he also has a nice sense of humour during this crisis. He and his team have worked tirelessly along with all the amazing people in emergency services like Calgary Police, The Calgary Fire Department, the employees of the City of Calgary. Not to mention all the help from the Edmonton Police and the Canadian Military. I am so proud to call this city my home and birthplace.

In search of a little normalcy and to stop buying food at a convenience store. My eating has been pretty awful since last Sunday as my desire to cook is gone. It will come back.  I ventured to the mall today. I was in Walmart and I stopped dead when I saw this.

I love love love these, stock up whenever I'm in the US heck about a month ago I bought some on Ebay. Up till now we've only had one flavour Chili Lime well this now makes two. Not sure if the other bold flavours will launch here. A little bright spot in my day.

I was thinking about social media today too, and just how much worse this flood situation could have been without it. Sure there's been some incorrect rumours and fake pictures roaming around but I don't think the word could have gone out or people contacting each other without it especially with power outages (as long as your phone is charged of course).

It's so weird how things work out to. The suitcase I packed with my camp room stuff pretty much can go straight to my Dad's house just had to take a few things out and add a couple of things.

In another bought of normalcy I think I have my hotel sorted for the Glass Slipper challenge. I'm trying a different travel provider. I was disappointed that GET travel only had one hotel option at over $200 a night and when I looked on my own only the high price properties were available. I booked one just in case but Wishing Well Travel came through with All Star Movies. I've been super impressed with their customer service. Last time I stayed at All Star Music. So the hotel and park pass still comes in about $300 cheaper. Now I just need flights but I'm going to keep my eye on seat sales.

I was having trouble with my FitBit I kept getting an error when it tried to sync. I uninstalled the program and re-installed and it seems to be fine.

So that was my day.


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