Saturday, June 01, 2013

Back to Basics

I think I've used that title a few times but you know what I'll keep using it if it gets me back on track.

This past week has been a little nuts. I had 3 super long days in a row which didn't help and I didn't plan well or at all really. Adding an extra 5hrs to a day needs to be planned.

It was a week that our little two floor office building was covered in sweets. We had communication sessions, good bye parties including mine and every where you went there were cookies, nanaimo bars (my absolute favorite and brownies.

Long days with a little added stress as I know have 3 weeks till I return to the home office and start coming home every night. It was the last week for my co-worker as they're replacing us with one person. Next week I'm on my own but I was on my own when co-worker was on vacation for 3 weeks so that's no biggy.

Then my replacement and I have 2 weeks together.

I need to go back to basics this week and take it day by day. In the meeting today we were talking about emotional and mindless eating. I've certainly done both. Stress is the one that really gets to me and of course I've been a wee stressed lately.

I talked about how I used to write down the times I ate on my tracker to see how long my breakfast kept me full and where my danger zones were. It also made me really think before I ate anything for example I don't need a snack one hour after breakfast.  Mid-afternoon is mine. Well the leader suggested everyone do that this week so now I feel obligated to do my best and track really really well.

I did a little grocery shopping. My birthday is on Monday so I got myself a little treat to have tomorrow as I'll be flying back to work on Monday.

Then I had to conquer jungle lawn. The drawback of only being home for 3 days is gives me a very short mowing window and with all the rain Calgary has been getting super tough. However today it wasn't raining. It rained on Friday and will rain tomorrow so this was my chance. Well it took 2 hours but it's now done. I really do like my electric cordless mower but I had to recharge the battery between the front and back lawn.

Friday I cleaned my house from top to bottom. Tomorrow not sure but I think it would be a good rest day.

Next Friday I want to go get some cowboy boots. I've got a coupon that needs to be used by June 9th. I'm a native Calgarian and the last time I had boots I was 5. As I will be in the Calgary office for the Stampede this year I will have to dress western during Stampede week. I have a couple of Stampede events to go to too. A charity event for a children's charity, the company party and a Dixie Chicks concert.

I'm thinking these might the ones but not sure if to get black or brown. I'm aiming for classic and invest in a good pair as Stampede comes every year.

My company hosts a breakfast during Stampede and I heard you could volunteer. All 140 spots were taken in one week. Oh well not went to be.

So my back to basics week comes with simple goals.

Track every day
Drink a minimum of 6 cups of water a day
Have 4 days of planned activity

Hope all of you are having great Saturday.


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