Thursday, June 13, 2013

I do it for the bling - you got my number runDisney

Hello my friends,

I took the day off today and got down what I had originally planned which was get the flower beds ready and get the patio set out of the shed.

This week I packed up my office for my return to the home office in Calgary. When I went to site I had 4 boxes and I'm coming back with 5 boxes, mind you there's a mini keurig and steel toed boots so it's probably only 4 boxes of actual office stuff.

The Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend went on sale on Tuesday, I knew when it opened but I still wasn't 100% sure I would attempt to go. The thing I was most interested in was the Glass Slipper Challenge, now I'm doing the Disneyland version at the end of August - the Dumbo Challenges. It's a 10k on Saturday followed by a half marathon on Sunday.

The Princess Half was going on sale at 10 am my time and I had a pretty busy day so I remembered at around 1:30 pm. I thought if it's still available I'll do it. Well the Glass Slipper Challenge was only 88% full when I logged on so I'm going. It sold out in 6 hours. I also signed up for the race retreat which gives you a more private area to eat, stretch, private bag check and port a potties.

Then I saw this

The pink Coast to Coast medal....I got the regular Coast to Coast medal in November when I went to Disney World for the Wine and Dine Half and I did the Inaugural Tinkerbell Half  the previous January.

Well I have to have it in pink...hello. Right that minute I signed up for the 2014 Tinkerbell Half. That means a half in January and February. I have never done halfs that close together before.

Which might actually be my problem as I do one get home stop training then I sign up for another one and have to start training from the start.

So I got a little crafty and put this binder together

It holds the Jeff Galloway training plans for Dumbo, the Tinkerbell Half and the Princess Half found on I didn't see a training plan for the Glass Slipper Challenge but maybe that's coming.

This is purely the run portion of training, I need to get a whole lot better at cross training and I do think my move back to Calgary will help with that as I will have access to the Iron Reps class at SpaLady more often.

I've also found my Hal Higdon and John Bingam training books. I definitely like the Jeff Galloway Run/Walk method so I'll stick to that for running. The pieces I need to add are strength training (Iron Reps) and flexibility (Yoga).

This means I also need to get over my lazy attitude about training in winter. Before I bring on the tech long johns it will mean continuing training after Dumbo to keep building and not fall off the wagon.

Hope you are all enjoying your Thursday.


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