Friday, June 21, 2013


I don't know where to start my friends.

Let me go in chronological order.

As I said I flew up to site on Thursday to pack my camp room. I've never flown up on a Thursday before as that's normally the day I fly home. I was hoping that I wouldn't run into anyone I knew at the airport. Low and behold the Senior Vice President of the business unit I support sits next me. Then he says "I'm sorry about your Dad". Well that set me off into tears, not full out bawling but serious dabbing with the kleenex.

Then we got to site and it's the first time I've ever gone straight to camp, it was a ghost town as of course most people were at work. I went to my room and start packing. Then I thought I should show you guys what the room looks like as "camp room" can bring many things to mind.

This is the view when you walk in.

Sink is outside with mini fridge and microwave.

There's a desk and amazing storage including two drawers under the bed. I will miss that room.

Well I had the whole room packed up and into a suitcase in about 30min. I got there at about 8am and I wasn't flying out till 1:30pm so I sat on the bed and watched daytime tv. A few weeks ago I was wondering what I'd do with all the duplicates i.e. hair dryer, straightener, WW scale then it hit me I can bring it to my Dad's house. It's going to take me awhile to stop calling Dad's house.

It was raining like crazy when I left so I wasn't sure if my flight home would be on time but it was. Then I got home and my first instinct was to call my Dad as that was my routine and to tell him about the crazy weather which we often talked about. It was raining like crazy. Then a friend phoned who I used to work with at the previous company I worked at. She had heard from my old boss that my Dad had passed away, which blows my mind as I don't know how she knew. Teary chat with her.

So it was a rough night then today this happened.

A portion of downtown Calgary
 The military were called in to help

 There is normally loads of space between the water and this bridge.

 I have no words

 The Stampede grounds, the Stampede is supposed to start in two weeks. That curved roof building is the Saddledome and apparently water was reaching the boxes inside.

My city had a massive flood. In fact most of Southern Alberta has been hit hard. I was already sad and now my heart is broken at all this craziness. I can't even give photo credits as these pictures were coming in from Facebook and twitter at a crazy pace and I was just saving ones that spoke to me. Up to 100000 people were evacuated as of evening yesterday and then it pretty much rained all day. Now the sun is out but we'll have to wait and see what the damage is when the water recedes. Luckily I live on high ground but I have friends who were evacuated.

I called the rental place in the morning and changed my pick up date to Sunday. We'll see if I can get downtown to pick it up. Then one my Dad's friends phoned as she tried calling him and no answer so I told her the news. Then I phoned one of Dad's neighbours to find out if they were effected and word had already spread about my Dad. The closest town was evacuating low level areas. Pretty much anywhere with a river was dealing with massive amount of water.

The funeral home were going to bring me Dad's ashes today but with all the water they couldn't make it. I was surprised they'd attempt so now I'll probably get them on Sunday.

I spent the whole day watching the news and while yes I'm sad my heart goes out to my city and surrounding areas. We are strong and we will rebuild.


Enz said...

I' m glad you are blogging through all your sadness. Hugs.

Noelle said...

^^me too.

mostlyforward said...

I wondered about you with all the flooding going on in the area, if it was affecting you. What a terrible thing to heap on your already awful list. So sorry, but glad you're hanging in there. You're being thought of and sent good thoughts.

Kay Lynn Akers said...

I'm sorry for your loss but talking about it will help you process what's happened. People should understand when you cry. It took me several months to not cry everytime I mentioned I mom after she passed. Now over a year later, I only do it sometimes. :)

Hugs to you and yours.