Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hell or high water

It was a surreal morning as I woke up to sunshine and dry neighbourhood but my city is still under State of Local Emergency.

The Stampede grounds under water

A view of the downtown core and the spillage of the rivers

Of course when I turned on the tv news was on and while water levels were steady we're still a long way to back to normal. Slowly evacuated families are being allowed back into their homes. The Bow River is supposed to be stable in 24hrs. The news was not all day like yesterday but it was hard to think of nothing else.

Some areas have water receding and now you get to see what the water dragged with it, loads of debris will be left behind.

The below completely captures the spirit of my city.

The Stampede is supposed to start in 2 weeks, well no matter what it's happening. What it will look like we'll have to wait and see but I'm supporting it 100%. This brings Calgarians together.

This morning the funeral home called today to say they could bring me Dad's urn this afternoon.

I needed to sign a few more papers and they told me the pendant with Dad's fingerprint should be ready by Wednesday.

The moment they left I just sat and hugged the urn bawling. It's heavy and strong and I didn't realize when I picked it out that the border around it has etched flowers and leaves in a very manly way almost Grecian. It is so my Dad. The last time I saw him was at Christmas though we talked every day so those memories are burned into my brain.

I made mac n' cheese for lunch and totally overcooked the noodles - it was by accident but that's exactly how Dad liked it. I didn't even consider going to weigh in as I figured the meeting would be cancelled due to all the chaos.

Now my original plan was to pick up the rental downtown tomorrow at 9am but the entire downtown core is cut off with many power outages so that office is closed. I phoned Enterprise to see what my options were and they said I could transfer the reservation to another location. I went online to check locations and 99% of them said sold out which makes perfect sense as many probably had to rent to evacuate.

I cancelled that reservation and booked another one to pick up a car up at the airport on Tuesday, hey at least I'm now familiar with the way the airport is set up. I decided on Tuesday as the rivers should be more receded and that's the day I absolutely need to go. I'm picking it up right when they open so hopefully traffic won't be too bad as I'm heading out of Calgary. I also went back to a smaller car then the SUV. So now my plan is to go from the airport to Olds, Alberta stop off at the Walmart and get my supplies, then continue on to Sundre, Alberta for my appointment with the lawyer then go on to Dad's house. This way I go around Calgary. I'll need to make a second stop in Sundre at some point to take care of some things and get gas.  Now my trip back I'll have to think about as that might mean dropping stuff at home and then dropping off the car however the sun rises early.

They say they'll open the downtown core midweek at minimum but that could be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  It's so strange a week ago  I was supposed to start back in the downtown office as of this Monday. How fast life changes.

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