Sunday, June 09, 2013

Long time no type

No longer having a lap top in my camp room does curtail my blogging as I find it far easier to type on a keyboard that plunk away on my iPad.

This is what happened this week:

This is what I saw out the window as I flew to work on Monday, it made me think of the ocean not a layer of clouds in the sky. I thought it was cool how flat they were.

On Monday it was my birthday, now last year they totally decorated my office and I thought I was safe this year as my office locks and I had no meetings...I was wrong and this what I saw when I walked in.

Throughout the day more balloons and were added. The funny part was when I got to work and saw this I think I said "OMG" out loud as the meeting room next door said "Sylvia's here".

The work week flew by and I started packing. I have two weeks left at site and my replacement starts on Monday. Mixed emotions on this one. I am happy to be coming home but I'll miss these people and as we fly in from all over Canada I'll never see some of them again.

Now I've been stressed about this move as I didn't know where I was shipping my stuff. The person I'm taking over from is on vacation plus I'm still busy with my current job so I can't even think about the new job.  A location has been found and I'm sharing with the co-worker that just went back to Calgary this week.

I'll need be packed up this week so the boxes can get to Calgary in time, the warehouse told me they can sit in Fort McMurray for a week.

I did have to start thinking about going back to home office so I ordered the July bus pass and was super impressed as I ordered it online on Thursday and I arrived in my mailbox at home on Friday. Now I need to remember to keep the receipts and passes as months pass as I can get a tax write off.

I'll have two days of new job and then it's off to FitBloggin, I have loads of cards left over from last time so these will be used again. Even though my twitter avatar has changed hopefully they'll still work. I will write a FitBloggin post soon with what I learned from my first one last year and what I hope to accomplish this year. Stay tuned for that.

When I get back from FitBloggin it will be Canada Day the next day so booyah an extra day off then a mere 3 days later Stampede begins. Most of Calgary and especially the downtown core goes all Western during Stampede. Windows are painted with cowboy type scenes, hay bales on the street, free pancake breakfasts everywhere (there is even an app to help find them)  and almost everyone is dressed Western. So I got me some boots, my first pair as an adult. The thing I learned you shop for Cowboy boots like you do for running shoes. It's all about the fit, room in the toe, snug at the arch and a slight lift in the heel. I went with classic brown though I really liked the black version of these too.

I also picked up a few more Western shirts, this makes 5 in total in my wardrobe so I should be good to go to cover 6 work days of Stampede. Now I just need a denim skirt and some accessories. They has some pretty impressive blingy belts and Lammle's Western Wear but the one I like was $100, I figured I can get cheaper elsewhere.

Before I went Western wear shopping I did go to weigh in. I was down 1.6lb and boy that was a surprise. It was a rough week, a rather awful run on Monday then super late days Tuesday and Wednesday. I did do a last chance workout on Friday of 3 miles.

Today was supposed to be 6.5 miles. By 5 miles I was pooped. I had my hydration pack with me for the first two miles then I realized it was leaking so I dropped it off at home and kept going. I need to figure out my hydration as runs will be getting longer. I'm thinking of using my mailbox as fuel station. I'm not fond of wearing a belt and even the sloshing of the hydration pack plus added weight was a wee annoying.

The other thing I promised myself as I went through the neighborhood was I will not do race then stop training as after Wine and Dine I pretty much stopped and then I find myself having to rebuild. Speaking of continuing so I have the Stampede Road race on July 9th and yes I will do this one as opposed to just picking up the t-shirt. Then it's the Dumbo challenge at Disneyland which leads me to....should I attempt to sign up for the Glass Slipper challenge at Disney World that goes on sale on Tuesday?

Now that I've done a run at Disney World, I better understand the logistics and the timing of flying across the continent. Though I have not done the 10k and Half back to back yet....well I have till Tuesday to decide.

I hope all of you had a great week. I'm off to bed soon as I have an early flight to work.


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