Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Another Day

Day 3 - and I don't know what stage of grief I'm in. I downloaded a few books from Kobo and it does say they don't necessarily follow a pattern. 

I did do some normal stuff today like take out the garbage/recycling, do the laundry and wash dishes. Peppered with teary moments. 

I also scanned through the bank history of Dad's account, which he added me to years ago, just to make sure I caught everything that needs to be closed off. 

Early in the morning there was a phone call from the Government of Alberta but they asked if it was my Dad's doctor office and then realized they phoned the wrong number. I knew it was the medical examiner. 

They did phone back later to tell me that the funeral home had picked up the body yesterday. She also told me they're calling the cause of death high blood pressure of course she used a more technical name for it plus she said not unusual as he was 90. He was on blood pressure medication. 

Tomorrow I go to the funeral home so I'm expecting a rough day. I'm taking a cab for that as I'd rather not attempt to drive. Thursday I'm taking a super quick trip up to site to pack my camp room and I scheduled that so I could just zip in and out without running into to many people. I continue to receive amazing messages of support but I know this can make people awkward and to be honest I wouldn't even be going if this wasn't supposed to by last week up there anyway. Plus I need the suitcase currently sitting in my camp room for next week. I'm on the uber early flight so I'll chill in my room until it's time to fly out which I'd have to leave by 1:30 pm anyway. 

On Friday I'm thinking about meeting my team for lunch or after work just to re-enter the world of the living. 

I'm making a list of supplies I need to take with me when I go back probably Sunday morning. I'm planning to rent an SUV for the week so I can haul the cleaning and odds and ends out plus take back anything I need to. 

I haven't run at all as I don't have the get up and go.I don't feel comfortable running at the acreage only because it's bear season and super isolated. I just want to get Dad taken care of, clean his house and then return to a more regular routine for awhile. I did get this though to go on my Pandora bracelet, while not Pandora I still think it's neat. I will get back at it soon as while I cancelled my trip to Portland for FitBloggin I'm still going to the Dumbo Challenge at Disneyland at the end of August. 

In fact the mention of high blood pressure today brought back my last physical where my doctor said mine was a little high so that's enough of a push to get back at it. I may run tomorrow to work out the emotions of the day. 

I've received a few flowers over the past few days and wanted to share them with you as they are beautiful. 

These are from my co-workers in HR, aren't pink roses amazing. 

These ones are from site, wowsers is all I can say. The roses are massive. 

This is from my boss, I laughed out loud when I received it as it's a tree. When my Mom passed I got loads of flowers but I admire the originality of this just no idea where to put it. 

I ordered pizza tonight as my desire to cook is nada plus this gives me something to reheat tomorrow and probably after I land on Thursday. I got a salad with it...plus cheesy bread o.k that was an emotional decision. 

Thank you for being patient while I work through this process. 

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