Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dear Me - Enough

Dear Me,

This is your logical self talking today. I am proud of you for going to weigh in even though we both knew you'd see a gain. What you weren't bargaining for was a 3lb gain, of course I wasn't surprised. Let's face it you're playing fast and loose with the program for sometime know. You had fries for dinner 3 times last week. Had you listened to me instead of going with the flow of some your dinner mates I could have created a healthier dinners.

On Tuesday you programmed your alarm to go run, it went off and you couldn't get out of bed.

I need to ask you how badly do you want this. Let's look at your weight tracker.

You're bouncing and you've done this before. I don't mean to come down hard on you but you need a shake up. You used to be good at following the program and you saw results...remember 168. Right now WW is you're favourite charity. You let your emotions rule too much.

You've created good plans but then you cover them with dust bunnies and put your head under the covers. You called your plan Operation Enough well enough is enough.

Barb weighed you in today and asked you how long you've doing this. You faltered on your answer as it's been a long battle. You did tell her you've been bouncing around the same 5lbs which is very true. This isn't a plateau you're suffering it's complacency. She kindly gave you a new copy of the materials and told you to go back to step one which was my plan for you anyway so I'm glad I had back up.

It's not all bad I mean you're good at healthy breakfasts and lunches. You're downfall is snacks and supper and consistent workouts, and tracking- oh and meal planning. You need to listen to me more often, just stop and think. You need to make a commitment to yourself. The only person who can make this happen is you. So when you plan a workout - do it.

Today you tracked everything, had 3L of water today and had 40min walk, that's a good first step. Now you need to take a second step and just keep going.

I know you can do this and I believe in you. So go back to basics, forget what you know and re-learn.



christina said...

I have SOOOO been there... hell Im there right now. I keep bouncing between the same 4-5 lbs all because I bargain with myself and talk myself out of doing what I know I should be doing. My inner voice and I have this discussion ALL the time. I know WHAT to do and I KNOW it works but have an issue following what I know to be true.


Enz said...

I like this voice in your head! Smart woman...LISTEN TO HER!!!

I believe in you too.

One day at a time. Don't focus too far ahead. Every morning, wake up and follow your plan. Just one day at a time.

Kim said...

I totally feel your pain.
I have gaine and lost the same weight since Thanksgiving. I gave myself a free pass then and still have it.
Good for you for getting back on it. Great job with the first step. Now you will just keep it going.
Good luck!!!!

Beccci said...

Hey Hunnie,

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