Friday, April 06, 2012

I did it- Week one C25K complete

Happy Good Friday,

I actually finished the first week of C25K and this is coming from someone who has attempted this program in the past and pretty much bailed before completing the 3rd day.

It's been quite a week.

Didn't sleep at all Sunday night. So Monday was me dragging myself through the day. I did play my Monday night Badminton. I really enjoy that and it's a good calorie burn as we have each other running all over the place. Everyone is a wee competitive too so that adds a bit more fun.

Tuesday I woke up on my own at 2am and could not go back to sleep. At 3:20ish I thought this is ridiculous so I went to the gym and did C25K day two. I didn't put my running shoes on until I was past all the bedrooms in my camp dorm to limit noise.

Wednesday I was going to do yoga in my room but the lack of sleep was bothering me. Everyone was telling me I looked tired. So I pretty much went to bed early. All this no sleep business also resulted in no blogging over the week.

Thursday I intended to get up at 4am and go to the gym for C25K day 3, yeah didn't happen. So it absolutely had to happen today and luckily my gym was open from 9-5. This time I turned my Iphone around so I wasn't looking at the app and instead just focused on the audio cues.

It was funny during the jog parts I felt like I was going slow, which I was at 5.1 on the treadmill but I'm doing that on purpose to build a stronger running base. I can build on speed when the 9 weeks are finished. I have a habit of going too fast too soon and just not building up enough endurance.

On Thursday I did receive an email from my Tinkerbell running friends about entering for the Nike Women's Half in San Francisco in October. It's a lottery entry so no guarantees but that's is the same weekend my cousins are supposed to be in San Fran so kind of kismet I think. Plus the bling is a Tiffany necklace..nice.

In other news my work is going to changing a bit in a week. My client groups size gets a whole lot bigger and I'm super excited. I still keep my old group but I get groups that I supported in my old role as a recruiter before I became an HR Advisor. I'll be busy that's for sure but I love being busy.

So much change lately my own business unit changed as well as my immediate team... It's safe to say change is everywhere.

Now change can be scary but I think it can be good as well as it shakes you up a little.

Speaking of change I have been on the hunt for skin care for awhile now. A few months ago I broke out next to my nose, mouth and around my eye only on the left hand side of my face. I thought it was allergies maybe but that made no sense as it was on one side of my face. Then I realized it's probably stress. Well I've been trying a whack of different products with no real results, then I watched this infomercial for Murad about hormonal ageing. I thought why not let's give it a shot so I ordered the 30 day supply of their Regenerist line. I'm going to be 40 soon after all. Though thankfully a few weeks ago some of co-workers didn't believe me and I almost had to show them my driver's license, I'm quite blessed that people still guess that I'm in my 20's - Thanks Mom and Dad. Well shazaam everything cleared up in a few weeks after using the Murad products. Yesterday I got the 90 day supply because I want to use what's remaining of the 30 day as travel size for my upcoming trips. I'm officially hooked and happy that I can order it only through at a better price then I get anywhere else. It's not cheap but this is the only skin I have.

My missing tracker was in fact at my desk I discovered on Monday, however over the week I didn't use it. Food wise wasn't too bad but I also know I'm not a fantastic estimator. To be successful I need to track.

However I am very much looking forward to weigh in tomorrow so I can get my head back in the game.  I'm thinking a new tracker as well to inspire me. I love fresh notebooks of any kind. I also love purple and I saw the new concord grape define jacket on lululemon's website. My size was sold out, so I got one size smaller, that is motivation my friends.

2 months and one week to Vegas.....

Week 2 of C25K starts Sunday.


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Enz said...

Great news!!!! I am so impressed with your dedication this week. Keep going!!!