Friday, April 20, 2012

What the heck

That title is directed to me logging into blogger today and finding it totally different. Not sure how I like this.

Alright it was a busy week but I like busy. Played some awesome badminton on Monday and then got into a debate about HR monitors. One of my coworkers thought it was impossible to burn 500 calories in 90 min of badminton. Which is exactly what my Polar heart rate monitor said.

Tuesday attempted to get up for a run, instead I reset the alarm. Tuesday was a long day due to meetings till 8pm so sleep was my priority and I didn't even try to get up Wed am.

C25K got the back burner this week which I'm completely ashamed about. However in the mail this week I got a few reminders to rejig the running focus.

I adore the IFitness water bottle belt I got at the Tinkerbell Half Marathon but the runs are short right now so I don't really need to cart water bottles. I adore the fit on these and they're not kidding when they say it doesn't bounce of course the trick is to wear it on the hips.
Tada, the double pouch version. It keeps everything dry so phone can go in one pocket and kleenex in the other. 

Now I also picked up an Amphipod arm band holder for my phone. I wanted another option as opposed to always a belt.

It's taken me awhile to find an arm holder I like. My major issue is I don't want to take my IPhone out of it's case to put into the holder as that's just a production. Tada, the phone fits in this one with the case. Thanks to Lululemon Addict who posted about this or I never would have found it.

The other thing I found last week is MIO is finally in Canada. What I love about this is it's liquid so it mixes in the water a heck of a lot better and I actually don't like super flavoured so I like the control. I control how much I squirt into the water. I have them at home and at work. Now there's only 4 flavours available in Canada hopefully we get the others soon.

This week is going to be a bit different. I'm flying back on Sunday and then back home on Monday as I'm heading to the Kananaskis for 3 days, it's work thing that I'm really looking forward to. It will be a really nice hotel for 3 days so I must stay focused.

I'm heading to weigh in tomorrow and I'm so looking forward to it. Not sure what the scale will say as I wasn't paying super attention to the plan this week. I've also come to the conclusion it's not good when I miss a meeting. The meeting refocuses me.

Now when I get back from Kananaskis I want to start trying Friday noon meetings. That will depend on Saturday and if they've found us a regular leader yet. The Friday leader has subbed before and I really like her.

I had my annual skin check today and thankfully my dermatologist removed a skin tag that was annoying. Due to the fact that I've had melanoma it has to go to the lab to be tested just in case.

He also gave me a prescription for the weird breakout type thing happening around my left eye. He said it's a form of dermatitis typical in your 30s. I did tell him I'm crossing into 40 in about 6 weeks.

After weigh in tomorrow I need to go shopping. This 3 day event is business casual and most of clothes due to working at site aren't really business.

I hope all of you had a great week.


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Karla said...

wow the Kananaskis look beautiful!!! have a blast!