Saturday, April 14, 2012

Funky town

For the past 4 months I've been in a funk and despite good intentions I seem to slide backwards.

A lot of it was due to stress and being an emotional eater that's just the perfect storm, however the light is at the end of the tunnel.

This week was pretty stressful but things are changing in a good way. At work I've felt like a hamster on the spinning treadmill thing. Not miserable but not super happy either. That resulted in some bad food decisions and sleep issues which just makes me tired with no get up and go to workout. Apart from badminton on Monday there have been no workouts this week.

However my Thursday meeting that I was worried about went well so that was a relief.

Yesterday I was in Fort McMurray for a 7 hour meeting that was exhausting. The night in a hotel room so different noises and the meeting didn't start till noon and didn't get home till 9pm. By the time I got home and picked up my mail from neighbour I just went to bed. Of course I neglected to program my alarm and slept right through weigh in. So I was disappointed with that even though I pretty much knew I'd have a gain. I still wanted to face the scale.

A big success of the week were those Starbucks cups my water intake was pretty good. The little journal got filled out a few times and the tracker up till Tuesday. I admit that I let myself sink into the funk this week.

On Monday my job does change a little with a bigger client group and getting involved with some interesting projects. I feel like this is an opportunity to spread my wings, while a wee scary it's also a whack of excitement.

I will turn this around.



Enz said...

You will turn it around.

Dawn said...

It will get better. I know the weather has been playing with a lot of peoples emotions...I hope you get through this funk soon.