Friday, February 17, 2012

Where did the week go

This week kind of flew by and at the same time messed with my schedule.

When I last posted on Monday I had full intentions of hitting the treadmill on Wednesday.

Tuesday was of course Valentine's Day. The camp bus driver wished me a Happy Valentine's day and hoped the company bought me roses. That didn't happen but the company did provide a plethora of Valentine's Day themed baked goods. I went a wee overboard on that. The weird thing the next morning when I weighed myself I was down. Mind you I skipped supper.

Wednesday I wound up working an hour and half longer then I had planned therefore missing my opportunity to get a treadmill. My camp is facing some gym overcrowding issues and if I don't get a treadmill before 7pm I'm kind of hooped as by 8pm I'm pretty much ready for bed. I start work at 6am.

Thursday I fly home.

Today I had full intentions of going the gym and then grocery shopping but then I got a call from my friend/co-worker and those plans turned into running errands picking up the coasters we painted last weekend to give our out going director (who is going to a new group). The team was having dinner tonight. We were on the go all day today. I bought a new pair of runners.

So another week with not one workout session. I did hatch a plan though.

You see there is a gym in my office building at site that I have never used. I have always been an after work workout kind of girl and preferred camp because well it's close to my room. However it's not like I can't go from the office gym to camp.

So I'm going to keep a pair of runners and workout clothes in my office so if I work a little late I can go to the office gym which is no where as near as busy as the camp gym. I still want to keep an option in my camp room because my other option is get up earlier in the morning and go to the gym and I don't always have to work later.

They are working on solutions for the camp gym. One I'm kind of looking forward to is putting gym equipment in a sort of bonus room in our camp wings. That would mean a treadmill down the hall from my room.

That's one of the bonuses of working in a camp environment the plethora of gyms.

I did get some grocery shopping done tonight as my friend needed to as well so we hit Walmart after dinner. Now I didn't have my list so I will do a return trip tomorrow after the gym.

Now tomorrow's weigh in will be interesting after going out to dinner tonight, however I'm so looking forward to seeing my regular leader.

Now I have no excuses as I have runners at home, in my camp room and in my office.

No matter what the scale says tomorrow I'm focusing on a killer new week.


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Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

Rough weeks are a pain. But you have 2 do like I do.. use them a teaching..reteaching point. Time ti make adjustments and keep moving forward. We will get it done. This is a marathon that for sure.