Saturday, February 25, 2012

It seems to be going around and SCC wk 8

Hello my friends,

It felt like a long week this week and probably even longer as I had to go into work yesterday which is normally my day off.

I have a confession to make I skipped weigh in today. I'm not proud of that but I just didn't want to face the scale today. I seem to be back into the pattern of waffling and tracking last week was pretty iffy plus I had a few derailments. I've noticed I'm not alone. For challenge purposes I'll weigh myself tomorrow morning and use that weight.

I do keep up with all your blogs via a feed reader on my phone and Ipad and it's my daily ritual to go through and read them. I try to comment but sometimes on the iPhone it's hard especially with that new word verification that I have now turned off as I find it ridiculously cumbersome.

Last week my company declared they were sponsoring the Canadian Olympic team for another 4 years and a site we had a conference room full of red and white cupcakes as we were watching the announcement via web conference. I had one cupcake as they were ridiculously good which I have to admit is pretty rare a site. Later in the day the extras where in every kitchen so I had another one.

I did return to the treadmill on Wednesday and did 1:1 intervals for 20min and then walked for an additional 10. It felt good to run again and I was pleased that I could still run for 1 min.

Thursday was touch and go if we would land as this weird snow storm hit the north of Calgary. At one point no planes were landing but then we got clearance to go. The plane that was supposed to leave half an hour after us got delayed for 5.5 hours. We thought we might be delayed. A few of us were sitting near the vending machines and joking that this would be our source of dinner. It was pretty funny when people came up to use the machines and we told them that we got to choose what they got. It was surprising how many people let us pick what they were having. We were asking salty or sweet to narrow down the options. I didn't buy anything in the vending machine but when I got home I made myself a plate of nachos.

As for Friday's meeting I have to admit I wasn't sure if it was going to go well but I'm quite happy with how it all went. It was a grab and get lunch so we could keep plugging through and perhaps end early. I went to a sandwich place and got a chicken salad (with grapes in it) sandwich. Probably not the healthiest option but I didn't want Subway. Had I given it more thought I could have had a better plan.

I had to pick up my race plaque from FedEx which is by the airport. My friend M came to the rescue and saved me a mess of cab fare by coming with me and then we did dinner last night. I hadn't planned dinner and fully intended to go the meeting today but after dinner last night and two beers I realized I had thrown the week.

In between the meeting finishing and before M finished her day I went to Origins and picked up the Andrew Weil line as my skin has been angry lately. I've used the serum before but yesterday I went all in with cleanser, toner and moisturizer - so far so good. I also picked up a new moleskin LEGO journal, with the thought of needing a restart. I also love LEGO.

Though last night I wrote in my current journal as I realized I need to see this through not stop a journal a third of the way through. Suck it up, pick myself up and keep going. I do realize that stress is the biggest factor in my self sabotage but I do believe there's a light at the end of the tunnel. The LEGO journal will wait until I'm done with my current one. I gave myself a good talking to in that journal last night.

I got the package notice that Turbo Fire had arrived and I debated picking it up today as there's a mess of weather warnings of blowing snow. I finally just sucked it up and headed out and walked to Walmart and the post office. The weather wasn't so bad actually just fairly windy.

It came with booklets and a whack of DVDs. This is the trend in the workout world it seems P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire and Jillian Michael's Body Transformation seem to all come with the same stuff and a whack of DVDs. This is on tap for tomorrow as the weather is supposed to be pretty awful with more blowing snow.

I also picked up some good stuff grocery wise today.

I've never tried this particular bread before. Silver Hills also makes Squirrelly Bread which I used to buy all the time but then got tired of it so I thought I'd try something new. 2PP per slice.

A new find was Summer Fresh's Greek Yogurt Asiago and Artichoke dip, now normally Asiago and Artichoke dip is dangerous and Summer Fresh's regular version is pretty dangerous however they launched a new line of dips made with Greek yogurt as a base. This version is 1PP for 2 tablespoons. I think it would lovely on a sandwich or dip veggies in it.

I love cherry yogurt. My go to breakfast at camp is the hot cereal of the day and yogurt. Now I'm fairly positive the yogurt in the camp kitchen is full fat and full sugar. So next week I'll bring this with me and use it as my morning snack and skip the yogurt in the morning and stick to hot cereal. This is 2PP per container. I like the Oikos greek yogurt, it's kind of funny that the individual 2% ones are also 2PP.

These are coming with me as well. I have Ryvitta crackers in my desk and you can get WW bread in the pack lunch kitchen so I might make my own sandwich of hummus and tomato/onion or something as supposed to the Mr.Noodle soup (8PP) which is starting to be a habit These packs are 3PP each.

Tonight for dinner I'm having zucchini spaghetti (zucchini spiraled and lightly sauteed in a little EVOO) with organic tomato sauce and some freshly grated Parmesan.

This is going to be a great week. 3 weigh ins remain until the end of this challenge so all is not lost.

Tomorrow will be my adventures of trying Turbo Fire...


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Enz said...

You are well prepped for the week ahead. You know what to do!!! You didn't throw the week - just the weigh in which would have all been sodium and water anyway. And I know you know that too.

Interesting in my meeting today, a member said she had been out to dinner last night for her birthday and also had 4 beers and ate 63 points for dinner alone. She said she was going to skip weigh in because she knew she would be up and she didn't want it in her book. Then her husband said, just cause its not written down doesn't mean it's not there and that she should go because next week she will see the weight come off and realize one day hadn't undone all her work so far.

Anyway- as your buddy - I'll text you everyday to remind you to TRACK!!!