Friday, February 10, 2012

Spring Chick Challenge WK6 weigh in

I don't know where my head was this week. I didn't go to the gym once, instead after finishing work I preferred to go to my camp room put on my pajamas and just chill. I've found myself in a bit of a funk..again. Not to worry it's a very minor blip.

So to describe my week in one word would be: off

A very good thing this week was Air Canada had a seat sale so I booked my flight to Fitbloggin 12. So now everything is booked with the exception of San Francisco (waiting on my cousin for more details) and the Disney Wine and Dine registration which opens March 13th.

Tracking wise was so so. I usually made it to lunch time really well but then dinner was entered the day after. Hey at least it was entered. When this has happened before I tend to pitch the tracker and get a new one but not this time. I have to see this through and turn it around.

Even though I've been doing a fly in fly out schedule now for over a year I still find scheduling my weekends somewhat of a challenge.

It's important I buy groceries on Fridays as I do only have 3 days at home I need to make sure I factor in packing a lunch on Monday. Now of course I don't need a lot of groceries but I still need to meal plan for 3 days.

If I leave it to Saturday I'm running out of days at home and then it messes up going to the gym.

Now I do love my Saturday WW meetings at 8:30am as I love the group just as much as the leader. The gym which is across the street from my WW meeting has Zumba at 10:45am and Iron Reps at 12:15pm. Now my WW meeting ends at 9:30am so that leaves a good chunk of time till Zumba and not really enough time to go home and come back again. I also walk to WI which is roughly 12 blocks from my house.

So I've tried picking up all perishable groceries on Friday and use that hour between WW and Zumba to pick up the stuff that doesn't require refrigeration or freezer. When I've left the shopping to Saturday I have picked up the stuff non perishable stuff and stuffed into my backpack, gone to the gym and then back the store afterwards to pick up the fresh stuff - definitely not ideal.

Today was totally sideways as I wanted to weigh in today as I was going out to dinner tonight and I just didn't want to worry about sodium and everything else the night before weigh in. Now I also needed to go to Purolator to pick up a parcel. Purolator is a bit of a hike from my neck of the woods.

I tried a different bus route to get to Purolator (that I thought would better) which had me get off at the totally wrong spot and walk for many many blocks in -22C windchill. I then took the bus I should of home but due to C-Train construction it didn't stop where I thought it would and that caused about a 10 block roundabout to get to the mall. Now my intention was to buy groceries then go to the meeting. Now my timing was totally off as I had about an hour to kill until the meeting. Now this meant I wasn't staying for the meeting as I didn't think my frozen stuff would survive.

So I had a drive by weigh in and was miraculously down 1.2lb. Then I took a bus home as I was in my running shoes and the snow that had been falling was very fluffy and hiding some icy spots. I already tested my balance on a few of those today. I know the meeting topic was tracking so I still have to read the WW weekly but I'm also reading all your blogs on what you thought of this week's meeting.

As I was walking the many blocks I did have time to think about how to make a schedule that really works.

So here's what I came up with.

Friday - This is supposed to be a run day but if the weather is blechy it's the treadmill. So if it's nice go outside after breakfast then grocery shop. If it's treadmill do that then grocery shop.

Saturday- Bring a coffee to weigh in, then in between weigh in and the gym have breakfast (that I usually eat in the meeting) bring the Ipad so I can read.

Sunday - Run day so same rules as Friday without the grocery shopping.

Now dinner is no longer happening as my friend wasn't feeling well so it's lunch instead tomorrow. The plan I've listed above will go into effect next weekend as this one is a little sideways.

So my goals for week 7 are very straight forward:

Track - the whole day on the day preferably
Minimum of 2L of water
Follow my workout schedule (finally) though it might be modified slightly as I've been reading Jeff Galloway's book and it's given me a few things to think about but that's only minor tweaks to what I already created.

I do hope you all had a great week.



Enz said...

I don't know how you manage to fly in / fly out every week and stay so organized. I would never have clean clothes, milk, food or shampoo in one place or the other!

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

Great job on your loss and good luck with your plan!

Maren said...

I have to second Enz. It's very impressive!!

Enz said...

Here's to an awesome week 7. We can do it...never mind..we WILL do it!

EmptyNester said...

My mind doesn't work fast enough to keep up with you! Wow, what a schedule- no time to get bored, eh? LOL

Colie's Kitchen said...

A loss is a loss! Keep up the good work. I was in the funk a few weeks ago. It's amazing how it comes and goes!!