Saturday, February 11, 2012

A sign?

Had some very interesting dreams last night and they all revolved around a trip to Vegas, I'm assuming my upcoming June trip to Vegas.

The first snippet was me at the airport and then on the plane. Well me rocking a pair of J Brand jeans in red, black boots and a funky top. Then on the plane flirting with the cute guy sitting next me.

Next snippet strolling through the casino of Aria (where I'll be staying) rocking a black sexy cocktail dress and wearing blue stilettos (I already own the shoes thanks to my wee addiction to Shoe Dazzle).

Now in these snippets I was not me as I am now, I think this was goal weight me.

Huh, I've never had that type of dream before. Even when I attempted Operation Hottie two years ago for when I was going to Vegas for my friends birthday. Of course the trip coming up in June is for my birthday so perhaps that what makes the difference.

Tomorrow I dust off another thing, this time the running shoes after a two week hiatus. Still not sure if I'll head outside or to the gym, it's supposed to be +2C by noon so that's sort of exciting. Worst case scenario I think its -5C in the morning. I'm going to take it easy and start following the Jeff Galloway plan. After two weeks off I'm pretty much starting from scratch anyway. Not sure what the intervals will be as Galloway strongly believes in the walk break. I don't think I'll need to start from beginner start but according to his strategy the purpose is to not be out of breath during the run intervals.

I also dusted off something that worked for me before. I've had a challenge getting the 2L of water in. Back in the day when I had this challenge I'd flavour a litre of water with a pack of Nestea 5 calorie Ice Tea packet. I did this today and had one litre down in no time. This week my goal is one litre flavoured and one litre unflavoured. The pack is supposed to be used in 500ml of water but I find it fine in a 1L actually I might try half a pack in 1L.

I'm also setting a challenge for myself this week no sweets aka chocolate or cookies, track, 2L of water and follow the workout plan I wrote on my kitchen calendar. If I do that, I can treat myself to a manicure and pedicure on Saturday after weigh in. The danger period for this is Mon - Thurs when I'm at work with the dessert wall in the dining room and pack lunch kitchen. I really do need to take a picture of it so you get what I'm talking about. I'll write the workout schedule on the calendar I have in my camp room as well.

It was funny when we were waiting for the plane on Thursday one of co-workers asked me how I stayed focused on training for the half marathon. I told him I used stickers to note done on the training calendar. Another co-worker laughed as that's how they potty trained their kid. I told him - Hey, if it works use it.

I love using stickers on a calendar.

I had lunch with a friend today and spent the afternoon pottery painting. Then she needed to swing into H&M. I don't know how anyone finds anything in the store. Another rather odd thing I was scoping out shop windows for potential outfits for Vegas...

Wonder what I'll dream tonight.

Hope you all had a great Saturday!



Enz said...

Use that dream as your motivation! I put stickers in my tracker for good days and weigh ins. When I go to weigh in the receptionists always talk about my stickers.

Erin said...

OOoh I'm so jealous you're staying at the Aria!!! It's supposed to be amazing! When I went over the summer I stayed across the street the Planet Hollywood and my windows overlooked the Aria so I would just stare out longingly. Haha. Very fun dreams though to get you pumped and motivated for your trip!!