Monday, February 13, 2012


I did not run yesterday. I had awesome intentions though.

I was dressed with Garmin and iPod in hand and then out the door. Moments later I realized I had a Garmin with little power left and a dead iPod. I was only 2 houses down so I turned back to recharge the devices. Wimpy? Perhaps and had the iPod been charged I probably would have kept going. I'm not at the point where I enjoy a run for a runs sake. I need the tunes.

Well by the time the charging was done I was knee deep in reading (ironic that it was on running) and doing laundry. The moment was lost.

I had thought I'd run tonight but there's a reason I don't plan runs on Mondays - I've been up since 3:30am and zonked. I'm showered and in my pjs right now.

I did write out my training plan for the half marathon in November on my wall desk calendar and will do so shortly in my camp room calendar. The training doesn't start till July but as I've said before I'm a planner. The Tinkerbell training totally snuck up on me so this time I'll be ready.

That plan has runs happening on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday so I can get 2 runs outside. I might as well adopt that schedule now. The plan now is to work on intervals by November I'd like to be at least at 4 min run and 1 min walk if not better. On Wednesday it will be starting back at basics to build a stronger foundation.

So those Sunday runs will be sorted the night before from now on and everything will be charged. Also they will happen first thing or else too much of a chance of getting distracted. Not so unlike the days of doing Running Room classes.

I did do a great job food wise today so that's a win.

Well I hope all of you enjoyed your Monday.


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