Sunday, February 19, 2012

Impossible - SCC WK7

One of my friends posted this quote on facebook:

"nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible" - Audrey Hepburn

I need to remind myself of that. The medal rack arrived now I just need to install it but it's a pretty good tool to remind myself that I am possible.

Well I did see a gain on Saturday. I was up 1.6lbs. While not ecstatic about the gain I'm happy I didn't bail on my meeting. It was great to see Deb and be back in the meeting. At the end of the meeting she said even if you saw a gain today or not as much of a loss as you were hoping know that you've honoured the commitment to yourself by being there today.

All my grand plans for Friday went out the window when my friend called who's also a co-worker. We needed to pick up the coasters we had painted for our out going director. Well I wound up spending the whole day running around with her. So that involved a vegetarian salad roll lunch and dinner at Mongolie Grill. While I did think I made good selections at Mongolie I forgot about the sauces and the high likelihood there'd be a good chunk of sodium.

Mongolie Grill is one of those restaurants where you will a bowl with ingredients from a salad bar type of set up, add a sauce and they cook it up. The good thing is you totally control what's in it, the part I forgot about is I don't know what's in the sauces. I went with honey garlic, coconut and peanut sauce on my plethora of veggies and chicken. I am betting sodium was a factor in my 1.6lb gain.

On Saturday I could finally return to Starbucks but I had a muffin with my latte as breakfast. I should have had something with protein. I needed to pick up the rest of the things I needed as on Friday I didn't have my list with me. I didn't go the gym instead I went outside as the temperature was mild and the sun was shining. I decided to go for a walk and I didn't look at my Garmin once I just wanted to move as this was pretty much my first workout since the Tinkerbell Half.

All in all I did 5.06km, 48:25min/ Avg pace 9:34/ 191 calories burned.

Today I'm getting myself sorted. I've baked some thinly cut chicken breast after marinating it in a garlic lime marinade yesterday - this for my salad lunches at work. I've portioned it out into 3oz packages. I'm also making a pot of turkey chili to be a quick meal when I fly home and another option for Monday lunches.

I've started a pile next to work bag of things I need to bring with me, which includes that extra set of workout clothes for my office (I did get another pair of runners), a whack of Nestea single flavour packs to get me back on track with water and my lunch is packed and in the fridge.

Next up is laundry.

Yesterday food wise was a total foodapalooza, now I do want to use Saturday as my treat day as in if there has been something I've been craving all week I can have it on Saturday. I pretty much snacked all day and then went out to dinner with another friend. Know I knew about the dinner all week. I could have planned my day a lot better. I really should have had the egg sandwich at breakfast instead of the muffin as I suspect it would have kept me fuller and not so likely to snack.

Before I left for WW I was watching an infomercial for Turbo Fire, well after my walk I ordered it. It looks like a load of fun and it's something I could do in camp and as the workouts range from 20-40min, it's my no excuses tool when the weather is not great for running.

Today I'm focusing on water and staying on track. I fully plan to annihilate those 1.6lbs.

A wee less then 4 months till my birthday - this is war.

Goals for this week:
Exercise: Mon - Run, Tue- Yoga, Wed-Run, Thurs-Yoga, Fri- Rest

Now my challenge this week is I have to work on Friday (normally my day off) and it's an all day offsite meeting so that's why I've made it a rest day. The offsite is out of town so I have no idea when I'll be home. I will be focused.

Hope you had a good weekend.



Enz said...

I love your medal rack. I am looking at them on line as well now, I realise after my next two races I'll have three medals!

I sometimes regret making Saturday my weigh in day because I know if I go will be on a Friday night and that will show on the scale.

Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

That rack is awesome. PLease let me know how Turbo Fire is. It looks really fun. What are your plans for your birthday....?