Sunday, September 20, 2009

One step at a time

I can't even tell you what I've done since Wednesday, it's all a blur. I had Friday off which was dedicated to yard work and house cleaning. My Dad came in and we cleaned eavestroughs (it's truly a wonder how much gunk gets in there) and fixed the board that the meter guy busted.

Dad is now on his way home and my head is swirling. You see yesterday afternoon I watched an episode of Dr. Oz. I've seen this guy on Oprah before and I have all the books, but the format of the books kind of bugs me so I've never got all the way through one. Yesterday there was episode focusing on a 60 day challenge to get healthier and improve their "Real Age".

The part where he showed the healthy liver and the fatty liver was totally disgusting but drove home a point. When Bob Harper came out and said most people give up because they take on too much i.e. I must eat healthy, all my fruits and veggies, do yoga and exercise 7 days a week, instead of focusing on one step at a time. This happens to me all the time hence the swirling head.

I know I've used the excuse of tracking diligently as my first step multiple times and that one goes in circles. I realized I need a different focus for first step and that's consistent exercise. So my goal for this week is 30min for 5 days this week. This doesn't mean that tracking is falling to the side, no no it's just I want to use exercise as the goal.

I set myself a goal of getting to goal weight in 6 months, that was on Sept 6th. I haven't done much in the last two weeks to get me there so I've got to get my patootie in gear. Happily the work project is winding down and the free food has stopped which is fantastic.

I'm heading to the gym today for workout#1 of this week and I will post what I did.


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