Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 16 - OMG I brought lunch 3 days in a row

That is a record my friends. I'm going to finish off the week and that will be the first week since probably high school (I'm not kidding) that I've packed a lunch for a solid week.

Jamie - thanks for the comment and Halifax bloggers if you're available I'll be in Halifax by late afternoon on Wednesday (Oct 7) and I'm leaving Saturday morning (Oct 10). I have no idea what my schedule is like on the Thurday or Friday. I'm sure I can swing a dinner on Wednesday or Friday if you're up to it. It would be fantastic to get meet some of you face to face.

I'm totally psyched about seeing the Atlantic ocean. I'm such a geek :)

Hit the gym after work and did 40min on the treadmill playing around with incline i.e 2min at 3, 2min at 4, 2min at 5 sort of thing but it felt good and I had no hamstring issues at all.

At 2pm I had a mega snacking urge (snackapalooza week) but I resisted and stuck to my Kashi granola bar instead. It was a tough battle but I'm happy I won.

It was a blistering 33 degrees in Calgary today so for dinner I just nuked scrambled eggs and had a piece of toast. I didn't want to turn on any ovens.

Tomorrow night I'm heading to a positivity seminar so I doubt I'll be posting but I'll fill you in on any aha moments.

That's all I got for today my friends, until tomorrow.


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