Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Day 5 - Edamame...mmmmmm

So the other day when I was grocery shopping I discovered frozen edamame in my store's organic freezer section. Yippee, I love this stuff and it's my hands down favourite appetizer at Earl's. I had that for dinner.

Today went better food wise, however at 10am I was starving and it was too soon to eat lunch so I went down to Second Cup and bought a muffin. I ate half of it and tossed the other half.

What I need to do is master the morning snack so I have some low fat banana muffin mix in my cupboard and I'll make mini muffins with something added to them for some oompff.

I've brought lunch two days in a row, which means I'm buying tomorrow. The mexican potato casserole is getting boring. What do you do to keep work lunches interesting? I've always been terrible at creating interesting lunches.

Things are definitely quieting down at work with the exception of all the little tweaks that everyone wants this very minute and of course their stuff is so much more important than everyone else's stuff.

It hit me today that I'm writing the second test of the CHRP designation in a month and oh my do I need to get my act together on that one.

I've created a 6 month goal for getting to goal weight. Following ala Biggest Loser, of course I won't be working out 6 hours a day but I think it's doable. I'm scheduling my skin check and physical for April so that's added motivation i.e. the being scrutinized while naked and the dreaded weigh in at the doctor's office.

Alright that's all I got for today...hugs!

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