Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 15 - water, water, water

Water was the go to drink today as I was trying very hard not to go off plan and stick to my packed lunch. I made a vow to buy no food item today and I did it. But man I must have zipped off to the bathroom 10 times today. Don't you love when you fall off the water wagon and then get back on it takes awhile for your body to adjust.

I brought a salad with chickpeas, spinach, yellow pepper, snap peas, grape tomatoes, red onion and Kraft Fig Balsamic was awesome. I definitely eat with my eyes and all the colours were fantastic.

Snack was baby carrots and hummous. Not bad, it has never been my go to thing to combine carrots with hummous but it was really good.

Workout#2 of the week was 30min on the super fancy treadmill in my company's gym. This thing is funky and had a personal fan (loved that). I had meant to go a little longer but all day today I could feel my right hamstring and from previous experience I know to tread lightly when that acts up. Plus I knew there would be more walking from the bus stop to home. I kept a super good pace and on a 1% incline but opted not to add any running.

Was pretty darn hungry when I got home so I made a fast quesadilla with 2 WW tortilla and a 1/3c of Tex Mex 2% shredded cheese, with a good bit of salsa on the side.

Tomorrow I'm debating on walking around the hood (5k) route or go back to the treadmill at the gym. I'm thinking hood to enjoy the weather before snow falls.

I caught the tail end of Rachel Ray on the treadmill tv and so want to make the "fried" chicken dish. She took chicken breast, slathered it with mustard (eliminating the egg, milk combo) and then coated it with self seasoned bread crumbs. She baked it on a cooling rack within a baking sheet so the hot air circulates the chicken. It looked amazing and protein is an area I need to improve in. I'm not so good and making sure protein is represented in my diet.

I find my cooking mojo to be kicking back in, it's been dormant for awhile and I've stuck to the same stuff day in day out. I'm writing ideas down as they come to me so I don't forget them on grocery day.

Alright must go study now...hugs!!

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