Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Year's resolution

Funny conversation with work mates tonight as we enjoyed a lovely dinner at the Keg and then we zipped to a second location for drinks. It was a good bye dinner as team mates are returning to their home locations and back to doing what they normally do. I was super stuffed so stuck to water as opposed to drinks.

It was a conversation about how we've all gained weight during this project. The long hours, crazy schedules and free food being tossed at us has been rough.

We're all sort of thinking that the end of this project is like New Year's. The plans to get back to normal eating patterns and back into the gym has begun.

It is interesting how we all think of our body image. One of my co-workers is tiny in my eyes and she was bemoaning the gain of 5lbs on her just over 100lb frame. I did at first look at her with the thought of "You've got to be kidding me, I have 60lbs to lose" but I realized it's not about that.

When I get to goal weight I'm very sure 5lbs would bug me too.

I know I don't like myself now as I feel sluggish and tired. It's all a product of the behaviour I've had since being put on this project. The stress combined with a huge amount of stuff to accomplish resulted in bad decisions with the free food. There is always a turning point where you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on the journey. That's the point I'm at. I've had enough and want to be on the right track.

Did you all catch the first episode of Biggest Loser? My favourite is now Abbey, wholly bananas to go through something like that...your family being wiped out by an accident and then being able to simply get up and keep going is pretty damn inspiring.

I'm intrigued by the format of Bob and Jillian working together (awesome) and the teams being strangers (awesome).

I did tell them about this blog and gave them a clue to find me. So if you do find me, know that you are super fabulous people and I am blessed to have met you and having the opportunity to get to know you. For those who are going home, you will be missed but friendships are now formed. To those who are here, I think we have even stronger bonds to face whatever the heck it is we're facing in the future.

Love ya!



John Bravo said...

I would like to tell you the one thing that helped me stabilize my own path to weight loss. "What do you want more, pie, or health?"

jillian michaels has a radio show in Los Angeles and I constantly hear questions along that line. I started forcing myself to make a mental note that "I don't want a heart attack more than I do want that slice of pumpkin pie." That thought has made all the difference in the world to me. Hopefully you too!

thomasinem said...

Bolivia, you rule.