Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 20- Should I?

First off a congratulations to all the Melissa Road Race people, kudos on your 20km. Especially to H, C and D - I heard it was rough and you guys are truly heroes.

I met up with D and her husband (here from Ontario) for lunch today, it's been about a year since I've seen her and it was great to catch up. She told me she'd be back for the Calgary Half Marathon in May 2010. Then she said you should do it, when I shook my head she countered with - you've done a marathon. This has been percolating in my brain since then...should I? The last one I did I was not a happy camper, I was disappointed in myself and I hurt. Mind you the training for that race was greatly lacking. Then I thought about the marathon in Hawaii, that was by far the most physically and mentally difficult thing I've ever done. I pushed myself farther than I ever thought I could.

So I've walked two half marathons and one marathon. What if my goal was to run/walk a half marathon? I do better with a goal in mind. I've got time to seriously think about it. Serious training would have to start a minimum 16 weeks before hand. So that would be February, with Oct - January to actually learn to run. I have something to prove to myself. I have until January to sign up for the race at the cheapest rate. Goodness know I have all the gear already. This has the wheels turning my friends.

I felt a twang walking past the new Sport Chek downtown at all the training gear...

Stepped on the scale this morning and I was 2lbs down from yesterday...dang it. Why don't I weigh in on Sundays?

No biggy but this coming week all my spare time is dedicated to preparing for the test. So the focus on food is huge this week. In the oven right now is Rachel Ray's "fried" chicken (chicken, mustard, bread crumbs baking) and that will teamed with peas or beans for work lunch. I'm debating on tossing in some brown rice into that so I might but the rice cooker on in a minute.

The studying has been off and on this weekend, I've had a hard time focusing. So far practice questions are going well but I still need review time. Walking will be outside this week as every minute counts this week.

I'm definitely packing my running shoes for the trip next week, what better way to explore these new cities then go for a walk.

That's all I got for tonight, until tomorrow.



Angie All The Way said...

Walking a marathon? What a NOVEL IDEA!!! Ya know what?? I had never even THOUGHT about that before! If you've done two halfs and a full I can see NO REASON why you couldn't run/walk! You already know what the walking one feels like so you can just decide to walk and run as you feel like it or set a certain amount of it that you'd run?

I LOVE THIS IDEA!! Now you've got MY brain perculating!

The Glitterati said...

You should do it! Nothing like a looming deadline to motivate, I say! :) And I think knowing how you felt last time will also help motivate you to train so you feel stronger this time around. I believe in you!