Friday, July 06, 2007

Stampede is here!

Alright I'm going to have to get a little creative over the next 9 days. Stampede has hit the city of Calgary and I got started last night at a party hosted by my friend's company. It was a hoot! Not points friendly whatsoever but you know what I'm cool with that. I weighed in yesterday morning and stayed the same, which is good considering this is the week before tom.

If you don't know about Stampede, it's 10 days of beer, burgers, pancakes, mini donuts, corn dogs, candy floss and caramel apples - well that's just the food. There's also rodeo, loads of concerts and a whole lot of packed bars. The city literally shuts down for a 10 day party.

I had the party last night, 5 Corona's count as carb loading - don't they? I was good, I also downed alot of water to stay hydrated. Tonight I pick up my race pack. Tomorrow will be a stampede breakfast and out for dinner. Race day is Sunday. Have another stampede breakfast on Monday, my company's party on Tuesday, Bon Jovi concert on Wednesday and then hitting a local bar for one more Stampede party on Friday. I think I'll weigh in on Thursday again because I'm going on vacation as of next Saturday.

I will be focused on good behaviours but I'm allowing myself to treat myself during this festive time of year. I will seriously be focusing on activity. The half marathon will certainly help that but once that's done I'm going to focus on C25K. I want to complete week 1 next week and week 2 while I'm on vacation. It's 9 weeks in all which will take me to the first week of September and hopefully that will become a pattern in my life.

Here's to dealing with challenges along the way and finding a solution.

Have a groovy day!

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