Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mr. Potatoe Head and friends

Finally! Here are some pictures of my hutch at work.

So on the left are the spud buds, corn, carrot and a small potatoe head. On the right, my pride and joy- Darth Tater, R2 Potatoo with a hologram of a potatoe head Princess Leia, Spud Trooper holding a potatoe masher, Spudder Man and Optimash Prime.
I'm quite surprised that not everyone notices them when they sit down with me but those who do always smile. Of course I have responsible adult elements of the picture and the daisies :)
Bon Jovi was fantastic last night, two encores and the guy still has it. The entire Saddledome (15000 people) sang Richie Sambora Happy Birthday. Heck the whole crowd knew most of the songs with the exception of the new album. It must be such a rush to hear that many people singing your songs back to you.
Went to the Avison Young buffet which is only open to concert ticket holders after 5:30pm. That was nice. It was kid's day at the Stampede so there were teenagers everywhere. We went on one ride that we waited 45min in line for. Oh well, there's always next year.
I was a little surprised to see a 1.5lb loss on my scale this morning. I slept through weigh in so it looks like this weeks is a miss. I think the loss was due to dancing through the whole concert. The guy in front of me stood for the whole thing so I had to as well. It wasn't bad but I was tired by the end of it.
Today is day at home so I'm happy to have a completely controllable day food wise. I'm going to walk down to the grocery store and back and do some yoga this afternoon.
Have a groovy day!


Journeys said...

hey! I just saw your comment on sparkpeople and decided to check out your blog! we're gonna rock challenge!! Team fit and fab RULES :)

CaRoLyN said...

Bon JOvi!!! Again, SOOO Jealous!!!
Great job staying on track today and getting in some exercise! AND Congrats on the loss!!! You are doing a great job!!

miss gloss said...

I'm on your fit and fab team and thought I'd say hi and good luck! I just started weight watchers so hopefully I'll have some losses to contribute to the team!

katieo said...

Those potatoes are awesome.

Sometimes with losses, I'm just thinkg, "don't ask, just take it!" So way to go on th 1.5, even if it was unexpected!