Sunday, July 22, 2007

Back among the city dwellers

Hello All,
I am back from a week of total relaxation. My Dad lives on an acreage so it was like living in silence-no traffic, no lawn mowers, no barking dogs, no sounds of kids. All that you can hear is the wind, leaves rustling, and the buzz of the black fly. I slept 10hrs a night and napped in between, it was like being totally relaxed. I didn't track a thing but at my Dad's house there's no convenience food, everything is wholesome not necessarily low fat but not messed with, if you know what I mean.

I didn't get into town in time for weigh in but home scales shows no damage.

My C25K mission was put on hold due to a bear on the property. It's true they are more scared of us then we are of them but I wasn't comfortable not being in shouting distance of anything out there with him/her. On top of that there were some pretty big thunderstorms every second night and there's no pavement out there either, didn't feel like running in mud.

This week will be the start of that endeavour. I've cleared my garmin to start tracking walk/running.

I pretty much read and watched the limited tv you can get out there minus a satellite. I watched a lot of the good old CBC (canadian broadcasting corportation) well known for news and great docs but they have some good sitcom like shows as well. I really enjoyed Rumors and Little Mosque on the Prairie. I got completely caught up on Coronation Street so I think that will become my Sunday routine once again. Got caught up on Days of our lives as well. I only watch it in the summer and it's amazing how fast it all comes back.

I have totally immersed myself in Harry Potter. Took Order of the Pheonix with me to re-read before seeing the movie. Read the 6th book again this Saturday, the 7th book was delivered that afternoon and about an hour ago I finished that. I won't give any spoilers on the Deathly Hallows but it did make me cry.

I'm trying to keep my sense of calm as I think of work tomorrow. It's a bit of a chaotic environment. I think I should add a desk fountain to my Mr. Potato Head collection...

I hope everyone had a fantastic week while I was gone. I so look forward to catching up on all your blogs.



Journeys said...

oo ur weekend(?) sounds amazing! I love being out and about in touch w/ nature...Oo and I've read all three hp's in the last week too! I loved book 7 too :)

Cory said...

It's nice to know that others had tears as well during the book. I'm thinking of hitting the C25K program again this week. I don't blame you for not trying it with a bear around. I woulnd't either!