Sunday, October 13, 2013

Training - oh yeah

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

I can't say I enjoy Thanksgiving the holiday itself, I'm a first generation Canadian and this holiday is pretty much North American so I didn't really grow up celebrating it and October 11th was my Mom's birthday.

This I was actually taken at the property I just left long before a house was there. I remember this day and it was only after the picture was developed that I knew we were both in it.

I drove home this morning and the first thing I saw when I was heading down to the car was big giant buck in the yard. At first I was just grateful it wasn't a bear as at first I just saw big animal of some sort.

Well that reminded me to keep an eye out for deer on the way back to Calgary.

Before I even left the region and on to the highway 22 I passed 8 deer and saw one baby deer road kill. One encounter had some sudden braking and my purse which was on the passenger seat landed on the floor.

I arrived in Calgary and returned the car in one piece, though I forgot my purse in the car...d'oh as I didn't see it next to me it went right out of my mind. Luckily the rental dude found it before I left, I wouldn't have gotten far. I also had a backpack and tote bag with me and normally I'm not carrying quite so many bags.

Headed home on the C-Train, made some breakfast and had a headache so I had some Advil and went down for a nap. When I woke up it was time to head out for today's training run.

Oh, I can't say that's been going well and it's my own fault. I'm so sucked up with what's in my own head and wondering if I'm perimenopausal as by the time I get home from work I'm knackered. I bought a book a while back called Mind Over Mood, I haven't cracked the binding yet. I'm thinking I'll start that tomorrow.

The schedule said 5 miles today so I headed out, I kept it to a walk as it was supposed to be LSD. My walk is fast enough to finish the RunDisney pace requirements but it was mostly because the last time I headed out was Monday and it was ugly run that turned into a walk. It felt awesome this time.

As I did walk today I'll do the 30min run/walk tomorrow.

I bought a journal in Disneyland mainly because I forgot my journal but I decided to treat it like a training journal not just the stats of the runs but how I'm feeling, what the weather is like etc. Today was my first entry in a while.

I started a countdown on my whiteboard at work to remind me of the days to go to Tinkerbell and the Glass Slipper challenge. There are loads of countdowns on Facebook but their days don't line up to my days so maybe they're counting down to when they leave or when the expo starts. I'm counting down to the 10K of both races.

I read today that RunDisney changed up the corrals for the Tower of Terror, I'm curious if they're going to do that at the other runs especially after the disaster of Dumbo.

The Halloween Howl 10K is in 12 days and that's what I'm hoping gets me a better corral at Tink. It will be cooler weather which alone will help me out.

So the new glasses, forgive the sweaty fringe as I did these post run.

The green accents on the frame made my eyes pop in the store, not sure how it works in this photo.

These ones are RayBan, not something I'd normally go for but when the sales girl suggested them I liked them right away.

The shades are Ralph Lauren, I really wanted Oakley's but their elitest and don't make lenses for my prescription. Boo Oakley you'd think with today's technology and if every other vision company can make lenses they could. Yes I'm a little bitter. When I went to pick up these I ordered a pair of RayBan sunglasses - classic black. I'm thinking the RayBan style might work for running if Oakley elitist morons is not meant to be.

I hope all my fellow Canadians are enjoying their Thanksgiving and everyone enjoyed their weekend.


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