Saturday, October 12, 2013

Giving Thanks

I write this from my Dad's house looking out on a forest of fall colors. 

It was a strange week. 

Starting with a message from the headstone people saying they needed to talk to me about my order. 
Well that had my head spinning wondering what could be wrong. Add in that I've confirmed a buyer for Dad's Aveo which will be the first of his possessions that I'm selling hit me like a ton of bricks. 

Turns out the headstone issue was just that the block for the reversible base comes in grey & not black which was my original order. Whew that is not a big deal whatsoever. 

I picked up the rental on Friday, which I was a wee nervous about. I got my license at 24 and have driven a handful of times, of course since June far more often as I need a vehicle to get out here. Usually the trips are on a weekend. This was my first weekday pick up. As I was picking it up at 9am traffic wasn't an issue (that's what I was worried about). 

Friday was also my Mom's birthday she would have been 83 today. I promised her that I'd something for her on Sunday. 

I got a Ford Focus, yup I'm going to buy a Ford eventually. I just like it the best after my summer of renting or I call it the extended test drive. 

My first stop was the cemetery to see Dad. On Thursday I had to pick up my new glasses, pics to follow when I can upload them properly. I also picked up some artificial flowers for my Dad so I'm ready when the headstone & vase are installed. 

This is the finished product

I also made a sign for the headstone people. They were supposed to give me a flag but didn't so I made one with orange duck tape & a chopstick. When I got to the grave I saw that someone had planted flowers (now dead due to frost) and there were fluorescent markers plus a Canadian Flag. Now the weird part - my original plan was to use a Canadian Flag as a marker. 

I had thought I'd tackle Dad's room this weekend, yeah the surprise at the grave sight & Mom's birthday I realized I didn't have it in me. I will be coming back for a week at the end of the month. 

This trip I changed the furnace filter & cleaned fridges. I had unplugged the bar fridge but didn't leave the door open so I found a Petrie dish in there...ewwww. Well it's clean now and the big fridge is ready for me to fill it with a week worth of food in two weeks. 

It's still so weird being in this house alone. My mind flashes back to last Christmas the last time I was here with Dad. 

I am blessed to have the parents I had. Though they are both gone they are with me every day. 

Now I settle in for some Hockey Night in Canada which is exactly what I'd be doing if Dad were still here. 

To my fellow Canadians hug those you love this Thanksgiving, to everyone else do that too. 


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