Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 3 - Happy Accidents

Well Hello,

Day 3 on my recommitted journey with Weight Watchers.

Let me start with introducing you to some friends and my race motivation.

Now if you've read me for awhile you already met Run Mickey, Tinkerbell is courtesy of my new friends in the Alberta Tinkerbell group as we're all running Tinkerbell in January. Tink started me on trend with these Pop Disney figurines.

Maleficent is my motivation for Tower of Terror 2014. My goal is to run all of the Disney races by 2015 finishing off with the Dopey in 2015. I've got Wine & Dine, Dumbo therefore the Disneyland Half and I did do the inaugural Tink so that's the only one I'm doing twice.

This guy arrive today, this is to remind me of the strength I pulled from somewhere to finish the Dumbo Double Dare, when I was in Disneyland I searched everywhere for something to mark the occasion and they had nothing little. This will join his friends at my desk. I think he's adorable.

Still to come is Cinderella to represent the Glass Slipper Challenge in February.

I stopped off at different Starbucks this morning to change up my routine and got to walk by this.

I just thought it was a pretty shot of the Calgary tower and a miracle of no traffic mind you it was before 6:30 am. I remember climbing all 802 stairs many years ago for the Alberta Wilderness Association and thought maybe I should do that again.

It was a weird food day, I started well, had a plan and then I went off plan. I tracked it and tomorrow is a new day. I will not lie to my tracker no point in putting my head in the sand. I was agitated today.

After work I had an appointment at Aveda for a haircut but there was a mix up. Apparently another Sylvia had an appointment at the same time and wound up with my stylist and I got a student. It all turned out and I called it a happy accident.

I also got the call from the optical place that my Ray Bans were in.

Love fresh hair and newly trimmed fringe and love the glasses.

Moving on to Day 4


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