Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Back to Meetings - Operation Victory

3 months into WW Online and I know I do better at meetings. Quite frankly I need the accountability of someone else's scale and I miss the camaraderie of in person interaction.

I decided to start tonight. Yesterday I switched my online membership to the monthly pass and I headed to the 5:30pm meeting. Now for years I weighed in on Saturdays but in my last few months of meetings last round I was just a vicious circle. I don't know if it was boredom or the stress of the job change.

Then after my father passed away it just wasn't a priority so that's probably why online was doomed.

Walking into the meeting today I felt different, it also helped that the meeting room looked completely different. I guess Weightwatchers Canada has finally hit my meeting location. I do like the ability to pick out the product myself and not having to wait in line for the receptionist to pluck it off a shelf.

There were far less people tonight then the Saturday meeting but there were a lot of newbies tonight and I really liked that. We're starting together. There are some fun personalities in this meeting too. So I'll stick with Tuesdays for now. I'm also thinking that will help me keep it together on the weekends better too.

I reintroduced my tracking spreadsheet and bought a 3 month tracker, having that sit on my desk holds me way more accountable than tracking on my phone though my plan is track on both. It worked before, no reason it won't work now.

Back to basics again, but this time stick with basics until it sticks.

I will do this



Enz said...

You are a constant inspiration to me.


Patty said...

I love it! I think that's awesome that you are trying different things. All part of the process because we need different tools along each point of the journey.