Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 12 - Road Trip

Well Hello Everyone,

Let me begin with Thursday when I went to pick up my Halloween Howl race kit. Now the only reason I signed up for this race was because it was a timed 10km according to when I registered. I wanted a timed race to try to get a better corral for RunDisney and this was the last race to make the cut off for Tinker Bell.

Well at noon I went over to the Running Room Eau Claire to get the pack. At noon they were not set up, people were frantically hauling boxes of t-shirts to the front of the store. To the point they trapped a customer inside the store and he had to squeeze through a small opening between the wall and security scanner.

Then I hear them planning two lines, one for the bib and one for the t-shirt. There were 5 people waiting for a bib.

Well I get my bib and realize there's no timing chip so I asked if another chip is provided. I got a dumb look from the bib girl, meanwhile another girl says it's self timed.....what? It said timed at registration...oh Running Room made a mistake. I was so annoyed. Had I known that I would not have signed up.

Then what made me really annoyed was Running Room had my name, email and phone number why didn't they contact those that had registered for the timed 10K that a mistake had been made? They did remove it off the registration page, but they never sent any communication out to say they had made an error.

Well I'm heading to my Dad's house tomorrow to spend a week cleaning as I have garbage bin arriving on Monday. Snow is forecasted tomorrow.

Originally I had planned to get the car, come home load up and then head to Sundre for groceries. The forecast is different depending on where you look but it does look like rain that will turn into snow in the afternoon. So I decided to grocery shop at home and just throw that in the car with suitcase when I come to the house and then go straight to Dad's. That should mean I get there no later than 11am so hopefully I beat the blowing snow. I did not go to do the Halloween Howl, my registration fee is a donation to the Diabetes Association.

Came home and started packing. I'm pretty much organized so all I need to do is just toss in last minute stuff get the car and off I go.

I'm hoping to accomplish a lot, the neighbour who was supposed to help me is a little wishy washy so we'll see if they come through.

When I come home on Saturday I'll be heading to weigh in and make my transition to Saturdays.

I'm hoping the sense of accomplishment will overcome any sadness.

It has to be done and it's just stuff.


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