Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Salvaging my vacation

So after a horrific start to my vacation, the idiotic decision to drive out of town on highways during a snow warning, worse rain/snow and blowing winds plus being a relatively new driver (well a long time of no driving)  in an unfamiliar vehicle...dumb dumb dumb then getting myself to Cochrane so I could get off the road.

Then kind of enjoying the relaxing in a hotel not 5 or 4 star by any means but it was just nice to not have a to do list and just chill. I opted to stay until today also guaranteeing me dry roads home as it was two highways back (probably smart). Somewhat surreal as it was night and day from Sunday.

The trip back was uneventful and I was happy I could park in front of my house. I'm a decent parker too, I do remember acing that part on the test. My evil neighbours have 4 vehicles, a driveway they never use so they are always parked in front of my house. Well I foiled their plans :)

I know have 4 more days of vacation that I didn't plan for. Now the funny part is I have next Friday off and Monday is a holiday. One week of vacation followed by two 4 day weeks - I don't think I could have worked that out any better.

Today I went Halloween shopping as now I'm home. I love Halloween.  I hit the Dollar Store for some decorations and everything was 50% off. I'll have pictures on that tomorrow. Then I hit Walmart for a few more plus the candy.

Then I discovered my tv and wifi weren't working so that took 2hrs to fix.

Tomorrow is of course Halloween so I want to decorate outside and clean my house, do laundry that sort of stuff and get it out of the way.

My Dad's headstone was installed last Wednesday, they called and told me yesterday and sent me a picture. It looks good I'm really hoping Dad likes it now I set myself to adding some decorations as it's now a headstone surrounded by dirt. The reversible vase didn't work out as the way they put the stone or were told my the cemetery guardian to put the stone there wasn't enough space. The good news they're taking that off my bill. I'm going to go into there office on Friday to just buy the vase on it's own. As there must be flowers.

Now I recently became a VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider) at Sephora. Well it came with coupon for a free makeover and a 10% off coupon. I called to book the appointment. I was asked what I was looking for so I told them quite frankly I'm in a rut. After 10 years at the Body Shop I'm not an idiot when it comes to make up but I do find myself doing the same stuff over and over again. Now I'm back in the corporate world and I need to walk the walk. Well the person I was talking to suggest a Personal Beauty Consultation as opposed to the make over, it's 1.5 hr instead of 45 min. She said I could use my coupon but this gives me more time especially if I'm looking for a new look.

I ordered a few palettes to get me out of comfort zone too.

This is Sephora Makeup Academy palette, palette are always risky as not every colour but then you blend. I figured it gives me a whole lot of testers.

I also really liked the Urban Decay Vice 2

I know this brand of eyeshadow has good staying power.

I realize this seems like a lot but I used to change up my look everyday and have turned into the same thing every day.

Saturday is weigh in day as I start Saturday meetings and I need to return the rental car, I have it till Sunday but it's supposed to snow so I'll take it back a day early. I really don't plan on using it much as I want to save on the gas. I'm planing to return it first thing in the morning then go to weigh in.

On Sunday I'll go to church as I haven't been in weeks due to scheduling conflicts. I found out that on Sunday in the church gym there's a yoga workshop with my old yoga instructor. It's 3 hr class focused on dealing with your inner critic. That's what intrigued me. I am my own worst enemy and if this helps silence the inner critic awesome.

Then it will be back to work on Monday.

I did decide that during winter from now on when I head out to the country I'll rent an SUV and check weather forecasts and road reports first...that's for sure.


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