Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 8 - Scale Games

I have tracked for 8 days in a row.

Today was my first Tuesday night weigh in, and I'm not sure how I feel about night weigh ins. I was very distracted today knowing WI was looming.

Keep in mind I used to go on Saturdays forever, but with Saturdays it was wake up and go.

This morning I was one pound lighter than when I weighed in at 5pm. I had all food and drink cut off by noon.

This week was a little wild. I earned a whopping amount of activity points 39 in all, I over ate by 13pts now that's over and above daily points and weekly points. I do consider it a victory that I tracked it, no lying to the tracker.

This week is all about doing better, stay within my points for one things, keep up the tracking and remember why I want this.

Now next week I'm away so my only option is to weigh in on Saturday when I come back in order to not miss a week.

Then it gets interesting do I go back to Tuesdays and weigh in again 3 days later or do I keep Saturdays?

Now the added pressure of next week is I'm going to my Dad's house to continue the clean up. I rented a garbage bin which will arrive on Monday and get picked up on Friday. My goal is go through the house, the garage and around the yard - the yard to get ready for winter.

I suspect I'll need to rent a bin in spring so the old chicken coop can be torn down. It hasn't been a chicken coup in years and at one point turned into a quasi cat shelter for the huge number of feral cats in that area.

So it will be an emotional week that I'm betting on. Now I drive out on Sunday and I need to stop in the closest town for groceries, I did bring my other WW scale up there awhile ago so I can keep an eye on things. My plan was to bring my yoga mat, the hauling of stuff out of the house into the bin will be my major exercise. The good thing about there is there's no corner store, the closest source of snacks is 30min away. As long as I don't bring any snacky stuff into the house.

One of my neighbours up there was supposed to help me, or at least offered to help me. I gave them my firewood in exchange for helping me. Well they messed up thought it was this week. I only told them 4 times. So now they say they could help me after work, after their kids are in bed. My only issue with that is it will then be dark and this is pure rural territory so there are no street lights. Add in I will have worked all day, they will have worked all day it's just a recipe for disaster in my head.

I know I'll be doing this on my own, which to be honest was how I thought it would be. Being an introvert and my Dad was an introvert so I actually prefer it that way.

In other news I pick up my race pack for the Halloween Howl 10K on Thursday. That race is on Saturday, it will be interesting. I'm really hoping the black sparkle skirt I ordered gets here in time. Tonight before weigh in I found orange fabric to make dots for the skirt.

So that in a nutshell is what's been rattling around in my brain.


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