Monday, July 15, 2013

The WW Salad bowl and the possessed treadmill

I hope all of you had a great Monday.

Mine started with me overcooking my oatmeal in the microwave, it all turned out though.

Today I decided to take the bus to the train station as opposed to walking, it so looked like it was going to rain and I also wanted to time it as this will be my mode of transport when the weather gets colder.

While standing at the bus stop I realized I was super matchy matchy.

Note the jacket, purse and nails are all purple

Because I took the bus this morning I took the stairs to Starbucks.

Paused to admire my favourite thing in my building's lobby. I love this totem pole

I then headed to my new floor to unpack my desk for the second time in two weeks. Check out my new view. 

Today I tried the Weight Watcher Salad Bowl for the first time. 

I like this little space on top of the lid, great for keeping something you don't want to add to your salad until your just about to eat it. 

For me that's cheese, I hate how it gets a little slimey when added at the beginning of the day. 

There's a cooling lid snapped into the top of the lid, I froze it last night so my salad stayed chilled during transport

When you take the lid off this is what greets you the green thing in the middle is the container for your dressing.

Today it was light Peppercorn Ranch, I like how it can be carted separately too.

Lift of the green second lid (where the dressing container locks in) and tada my salad.

I grated carrots and radishes, added green onions, mushroom, chopped roma tomato and romaine hearts and tada. A coworker complimented my salad. I like the bowl though it's pretty big. Thankfully it fit into my lunch bag.

Today I was also going to test out the corporate gym. I packed and repacked into 3 different  gym bags. I have a few Lululemon gym bags that I've collected via gift cards or travelling and needed another bag. However I wound up going with a back pack, just plain easier to schlep.

Then I met the possessed treadmill.

See the touch screen buttons that control speed and grade, well that was awful. It either slowly sped up ticking by .1 by .1, or  little more pressure or longer hold and it jumps by .5 at the time. At one point I was trying to slow down but it sped up instead and it was the first time I actually jumped off the treadmill on the to the sides. I always see them do that on Biggest Loser but I've never been comfortable with it.

I wound up staying at a walk and changing the incline.

I think I'm going to try to do my runs outside now that I'm home. By the time the weather cools off I hope I can have longer run piece in my run/walk.

Dumbo Double Dare is a mere 7 weeks away and today I put the Tinkerbell training plan on my cubicle wall. Which starts 6 days after I come home from Disneyland, no rest for the wicked and as Tinkerbell will roll right into the Glass Slipper Challenge I've got my plan to stay active for winter.

Tomorrow I'm going to dust off a workout DVD as my cross training day. I'm thinking Hip Hop Abs.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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Ro said...

I just stumbled upon your blog searching for reviews of the fitbit and WOW do we ever have a lot in common. I too am trying to lose weight, get fit, live in Calgary and work downtown, single gal, etc etc! Small world :) Just thought I would say hi! and say thanks for writing something I can relate too!