Saturday, July 13, 2013

Back to basics - learning from the past

Well Stampede 2013 is over for me. Yesterday I packed away my boots and my plethora of plaid with one last trip to the grounds.

I think I wore the boots in fairly well.

Here they are new

Then I think how much my life has changed since I bought them. The most important person to me in the whole world - My Dad- passed away. I started a new job back in downtown Calgary. In other words my whole world changed.

When I first found out I was coming back to the corporate office I made a promise to myself to be more social, experience things and meet new people.

As I'm an introvert that can be a bit of a challenge for me.

Now here are the boots after 10 days of Stampede where I went to Nashville North for the first time ever, a breakfast Stampede party for the first time ever, and the business unit party that I hadn't been to in 2 years.

I also walked to and from the train station every work day in these boots. I figured it was good training for wearing heels again. They got beer spilled on them, stepped in puddles and walked a lot. Yesterday it was 18000 steps.

I do have boot wounds on my right leg about mid calf not sure why just that leg.

Today I was back in these

I didn't go to weigh in instead I focused on sleep, between dealing with grief and trying to be social to introduce myself back to the corporate world I was exhausted. I slept for 11 hours last night. However I'm back on the WW wagon from now on. I also found the new location for the downtown meeting in case I need a back up meeting.

Today it was back to basics and reintroducing myself to my tracker. I also went grocery shopping so I can do what I used to do and pack lunch 4/5 days allowing myself to buy lunch on Wednesday. I find that works for me as I can deal with two days then a break then two days.

It's going to be salad this week so I can try that WW salad bowl and reintroduce the poorly lacking vegetables of the last 10 days.

I'm also trying to rediscover my cooking mojo. Over the last 2.5 years by only being home 3 days a week my cooking mojo has suffered, typically it was the same 3-4 main meals over and over again or eating out. When I worked a regular Mon -Fri schedule before I cooked a lot. I didn't plan too far ahead so I could keep some flexibility and sort of shop in a European way by stopping at the market a few times instead of meal planning 7 days out. I'm only cooking for me after all.

I planned out my Monday in the tracker already so I could plan meals and snacks for the work day. I created a list of what needs to go into the gym bag as it's been a while since I packed a gym bag.  In camp my room was 4 doors down from the gym and when I was home I just walked to the gym ready to go.

Now I need to factor in the train ride home as opposed to walking home so body spray is on the list.

Tomorrow I must go clothes shopping. Since I've been at site I haven't been buying business casual clothes. For my first week I dug through my closet for what I wore before I went to site. It worked for a week but I need to face that I put on a few pounds since I last worked downtown. I kept thinking I would be skinnier returning to DT but hey life happens. I haven't been tracking since my Dad passed away and that's almost 4 weeks ago.

Now it's time to get back to establishing routines.

I made another observation during Stampede, fit girls get more attention. Now I was observing people who were fairly drunk at the time but it leads me to this. I don't know if you seen this but it's an interview with Dustin Hoffman from 2012, it's pretty profound as he talks about the perception of beauty and how it effects how you relate to others. I totally recommend watching it.

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