Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stampede Check In


Not sure where the week went but it's whirling by. My city has been knee deep in Stampede, an annual 10 day festival of all things western. Out goes the office wear and everyone dresses Western. I do own a few good plaid western shirts, and my boots which I only bought roughly a month before this year's Stampede have worked out really well.

In fact they're super comfy.

There's Western art everywhere especially on buildings. I love the Teepee on The Bow building. Those flags on the traffic lights are all over the city.

A free Stampede breakfast somewhere in the city every single day during Stampede.

Stampede Parties in the morning, this one started at 9 am.
Plus there's Nashville North down on the Stampede grounds, (me and my friend T who came down from Newfoundland)

You discover things like this JD and Coke in a can, by far my favorite Stampede drink so far.

Even Starbucks gets in to the Stampede spirit

Considering only a few weeks ago the downtown and Stampede grounds were covered in water due to flooding, the spirit of Calgary has bounced back.

Last week I picked up the pendants I ordered with my Dad's fingerprint

I bought the Angel and Drop pendant blind as I was directed to a website. So the Angel is a bit bigger then I wanted.

I actually prefer the back of the pendant as you can see the fingerprint so I might wear it backwards.

On Saturday T came with me to check out the cemetery in Bergen, it is a beautiful spot and very small. I think Dad would approve. I haven't decided on when to actually bury the urn but I'm rushing into things.

Now I haven't tracked at all this week and didn't go to weigh in last week either. In fact this week has been a bit of free for all.

It actually had me thinking of quitting meetings and going online, but the one time I tried online it didn't work for me. I also realize I'm dealing with a lot of change right now. Still feeling the loss of my Dad plus the new job and assimilating myself into a new work environment, and I'm moving desks on Friday to a new floor. I just unpacked 2 weeks ago.

I just needed to be this week. Next week will be all about establishing routine again and getting back to training.

For now I just want to breath and enjoy the distraction of Stampede.


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Anonymous said...

Well that looks like a blast!! I have always wanted to try cowboy boots but I feel like my calves are still way too fat. I'm not sure that will ever happen with my feet issues but I'm glad yours are so comfy :)!